three day weekend

MyBetterHalf and MsSqueaky went off camping with the GirlScouts. They had a great time, exploring the beach, playing, ukulele around the campfire, holding a chicken and feeding a llama.

Saturday, MrCuddles and his BFF went to a workshop. (I gotta brag, I think I’m doing it right, because I don’t do any of the hammering. Unlike some of the parents there. OK, some of the parents there had a toddler.) We also bought him his very own 27.5″ basketball, which he was very excited to practice with out on the deck.

Saturday MrGrunty had his first flag football game, and Sunday he had a soccer game.

Monday, no school…trip to the dentist. After, we planted seeds in the garden boxes, each child has two vegetables and one flower. (Lesson learned, only garden with one kid at a time, because interruptions.)  Then we went to Carkeek Park to hike and play with friends. MrG was playing “flyers” …one kid throws football to a pack, if you catch it, you get to throw.  MsS  & MrC were very cute, they were playing they were baby cubs, there was a tiny island they used for their canoe, sticks they used for salmon, clearings they used for their home.

TarHeels v Gonzaga…well, that was some poor shooting. Spokane is sad/angry.


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