a few weeks in review

Sunday – April 30th – after MrC two basketball games, MsS soccer, MrG soccer – where I had to be a ref. And I was terrible, we had a BoyScout event for MrG’s group. I was the “leader” as in, hey, let’s go play disc golf, a buddy from work has a couple dozen discs he donated to us. We had parents and siblings along, I thought it went well. Before we went, MrG was complaining, didn’t want to go, didn’t want to do disc golf, wanted to bowl. I told him “we told people we are doing this, and they are expecting it. It’s a nice day, we’re going outside.”

At work that week: I sat next to lake on my lunch and watch a pair of geese with their goslings come ashore, they were cute, and fuzzy, and their fuzz kinda looked dark green.

Saturday – May 6th –
Basketball game – MsS sat next to me. MrG noticed MrC was crying at start of the game, I guessed it was because he spilt water on his shirt, he was fine by the time to go in and play.

Music stores with boys…I took them to used instrument store, (Trading Musician), which is awesome, with lots of guitars, drums,,, And because I can’t help myself we went to a TedBrown, a student/school/classical oriented store, and I picked up four music books for ukulele. A different day, I took the boys up to Capitol Hill to visit Bischofbeger Violins… because it’s cool. And maybe MrG will want to play viola next year. And, one of the people invited us into the shop to see!!! Love that place. (Dislike parking & driving on Capitol Hill)

Football game for MrG. MsS & MrC played in the woods with friends. Well not really woods, but under the trees, and although close, we couldn’t actually see them from where we were. The trees separated playground from football field. So lots of kids around.

Sunday May 7th- they all took turns being monsters for a couple hours. And you know how kids are. Monster, then flip the switch to “nice”, all the while parents are still trying to calm themselves down from the emotional drama an hour before. MrC freaked about chores / going to a friends. MsS freaked about chores. MrG freaked about BoyScouts, didn’t want to go, and when there was a competition, and part of it was an obstacle course with jump rope, which he can’t do, and so he just got frustrated, walked away, and didn’t want to go to ice-cream with his Den buddies. I wanted ice-cream. And I told the kids, “you beat me, I’ll buy you ice-cream.” (Note: I felt alright after running the course. Tired, out of breath, out of shape, but alright.)  And, I planted some corn!

Monday May 8th – came home, I told them to grab soccerball, basketball, jump rope, and we went to a local playground.

Friday, 5/19, talent show at the school. MsSqueaky was in a hip-hop dance group, and performed. I love it! I am so glad that she keeps trying out new things through after school activities. I am proud of all the kids that went on stage.

Follow up on JumpRope… I forced MrG to go out and jump rope several times. He didn’t want to. I had to nag him to do it, “you were upset because you couldn’t, all you have to do is practice.”  He got it.  Oh yeah, the BoysScouts redid the obstacle course two weeks later, May 20th, and I am happy to say that all of the boys had improved in a couple different areas.

Midweek – We went bike riding on the InterUrban trail…well, they rode, I walked, and a time or two they were up ahead of me and I couldn’t see them, had to have faith they would be faith. Speaking of, early in the ride, they got to a parking lot entrance, MsS quickly braked, MrC did not notice in time, and crashed into her, and he went flying. She was unfazed.

5/27 This morning:
MsS: “Remember that game we played yesterday, where we bothered each other?”
MrC: “Yeah”
MsS: “Want to play it again?”
MrC: “OK”

Saturday 5/27, MyBetterHalf took MrG to a Sounders match. MsS and MrC performed a talent show for me…bike riding, kung-fu (MsS hand & kicking, MrC staff), hula dancing, and a skit.


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