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25 September, 2017

One of my former Bible class students told me a wonderful story today. She recently sat her parents down, and told them, “Please do not interrupt me while I am practicing.”

I must remember to apply that lesson as a parent.

BTW… MsS got a clarinet and MrG got a viola on Saturday. At their school, which is awesome for this, they really encourage, really want,¬† all fifth graders to participate in band or orchestra. On top of all third graders learn to play recorder and all fourth graders learn to play ukulele. And I’m told all sixth graders learn guitar. This is so great, and I wish I had that as a kid. I did happen upon orchestra in fourth grade, and stuck with it through 12th grade. But I really like the attitude of all kids are musicians.




21 September, 2017

we took the childrens, and a few friends, to go see the movie “Step

I enjoyed it.

MrG and MsS thought it was alright. MrC was easily distracted.¬†Maybe if there was more stepping, and less talking, more sports-movie and less documentary, the childrens would have been more entertained. Never the less, I’m glad we took them to it.


The Joy Luck Club

18 September, 2017

I read Amy Tan‘s The Joy Luck Club over vacation.

I enjoyed it.

Her first novel, huh? Wow. Not a bad way to start a career. <understatement>