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19 November, 2017

Last weekend, MrG and I went off to one of the few remaining Bible Books Stores round these parts to get him his own, engraved with his name, Bible. He picked the version, picked the format. I like that he didn’t want one of the trendy “Bible For Teens/Sports/Army/___…”. He also didn’t want a study Bible. He did want to make sure it had all the words.

Then we went as a family to Thai food, as a “thank you” from the parents of the U9 boys soccer team I “coached” this season. We had three appetizers, MyBetterHalf had pad thai, I had pumpkin curry, – it was alright, not as good as Mitch’s, back at the dorm. That guy could cook, when he wanted to. The childrens had fried rice.

Yesterday, MrC helped me make sure all the bolts on the dinning room table & chairs were tight.  Then, MsS and I tried to fix a metal tape measure, it was stuck, we took it apart, we discovered when loosened, the tape will SPROING out quickly, be both laughed a lot, then we discovered the inner counter spring will do the same! More laughter. We didn’t fix it, but it was fun. MsS and I had dinner together, we talked about what people do after high school, (she still wants to be a vet), then we snuggled under blankets on the sofa and read books. MrC was at BFF-Emma’s, and MrG & MyBetterHalf were at Husky football.

Tonight, the whole family played Apples To Apples… which was not the way to calm them down, because they were being loud and silly.