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4 March, 2018

MsS spent most of the day GirlScouting… but before she left home, she taught herself how to boil and egg. She was happy to have it for dinner, after it cooled down.

MrG and MrC had to hang out, and I wouldn’t let them have electronics, so after complaining… they decided to have a fashion show (wearing their sister’s clothes), play tackle football (until MrC did a face-plant on the floor).

MrG had his basketball game, and his siblings played with a tennis ball on the outside basketball court.

MrC and I messed around with digital effects for electric guitar.

MrBetterHalf and I watched the Walking Dead.



Mr Cuddles birthday

3 March, 2018

MrC celebrated his birthday at his gymnastics place.

It was great, after a week of mid-winter break, we were gonna tire them out and get them back on a normal sleep schedule. His two best friends, plus a few others were able to join.

The staff had them run an obstacle course, with crawling over, crawling under, crawling through, balance beam, parallel bars then jump into the pit of foam. Many times.

Then they bounced on a 15 yard long trampoline line, doing different hopes each time.

Then rope swing over, and drop into, the pit of foam blocks a couple times.

Then, all the kids got foam blocks, and threw them at MrC who was swinging over the pit, while they sang happy birthday to him.

Dinner, he picked the resturaunt.

Next day at school, me & MyBetterHalf served treats (healthy, well, at least the first ingredient listed was a whole grain, new nutrition rules to follow if we want to qualify for federal dollars at our school district. Which is good.)  MrC seemed subdued. Maybe because he had a sub, and things were going normal, or maybe because his class is rambunctious, and he wasn’t the total center of attention for a few minutes. I dunno. I felt a bit sad for the boy.