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The Left Hand of Darkness

25 August, 2018

Ursula K. Le Guin – The Left Hand of Darkness

It was alright… too much politics and fantasy speak.  “Blathblak son of Blithbolk went to the MurshMursh to rrinlled the Ploploinise promise of third Xc’thownid”. Not an exact quote…but… there is a four page appendix defining hours and months. Who cares that the “Third Hour is 5:00 – 7:00pm” on an planet that has “~23.08 earth hours to a day” and the “fourth month of summer is Hakanna”?   (Those are quotes)

I enjoyed the concept of a genderless people.  (And if Orson Scott Card can swipe the concept of ansible for his universe from Le Guin…then I may swipe the gender cycle of Winter.) 

I liked the last half of the book.

I liked the political question of what if an alien shows up and wants to welcome your planet to the confederation of planets?  If you thought being president of a country was cool, now, you are a nothing.


Queer There and Everywhere

19 August, 2018

Sarah Prager’s Queer There and Everywhere was a quick and easy read about 23 people who changed the world.

I am curious aboot:

the Bugis in Indonesia “who still have five genders instead of two”

need to read “Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America” by Will Roscoe.

We’re Going to Need More Wine

18 August, 2018

Gabrielle Union’s We’re Going to Need More Wine  is subtitled  “Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True”, and in my opinion, should’ve been stories that are true, complicated and a few funny. I’m glad I read it. Judging the book by the cover, and the intro, I was expecting a lot more funny. Sure, there was some funny in there. But lots of dealing with racism and sexism and violence to women and homophobia.

I recommend.


4 August, 2018

I forced the childrens to go to Hamlin so we could walk in the woods. They hated the idea. They seemed to have fun while there.


3 August, 2018

I dunno why it always seems to come to this… but end of the term is 12 days away…and I’m like three chapters behind, and like six labs behind.

I thought my soldering looked cool…but I gotta see the instructor  on Tuesday about it. Sigh.

I feel sorry for my lab buddy, I’m pro’lly dragging her down. She is full of enthusiasm, “You got this GBaTT”…and convinced me not to skip one…the day where I happened by blind luck to get the high score on a quiz.  Luck, because I looked at the right page for a couple decent formulas, and then it’s just easy algebraic manipulations. Sigh.


Port of Tacoma – part 2

2 August, 2018

MrCuddles was impressed by the size of the cargo ships and the cranes loading them.

MsSqueaky was upset by the big swirl of brown water, but better when were were told that is just dirt, run-off from the mountains upstream.

BTW… the other day, a baby Orca died, and for some reason I thought this would be good to share with the childrens. You know, current, local events. MsS freaked out, yelled, “I don’t like humans! Who invented cars, I wish they never did, I wish I wasn’t a human!” and stormed out of the house crying.  I tried to console her that we are getting better at polluting less, and, one thing I think is cool about humans, they are the only species that cares about other species.

Port Of Tacoma

1 August, 2018

This past weekend, took the family on a boat tour of the Port of Tacoma.

I found it educational.

After, we met up with my dad for lunch… which was next to a shooting range… MrG later said “I guy with a gun walked past me. That was weird.”