Port of Tacoma – part 2

MrCuddles was impressed by the size of the cargo ships and the cranes loading them.

MsSqueaky was upset by the big swirl of brown water, but better when were were told that is just dirt, run-off from the mountains upstream.

BTW… the other day, a baby Orca died, and for some reason I thought this would be good to share with the childrens. You know, current, local events. MsS freaked out, yelled, “I don’t like humans! Who invented cars, I wish they never did, I wish I wasn’t a human!” and stormed out of the house crying.  I tried to console her that we are getting better at polluting less, and, one thing I think is cool about humans, they are the only species that cares about other species.

One Response to “Port of Tacoma – part 2”

  1. heathercim Says:

    Well, some of us care. I don’t know if our current administration does. And they seem to be hellbent on making things worse.

    I was also worried about the brown water so I’m glad someone asked and they answered.

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