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27 October, 2018

MrCuddles woke us up, wanting to snuggle in our warm bed.

Then I went off to chat with our soccer club’s U7 coaches, and watch U7 kids play soccer (so cute!!), aboot what / how we want our club to go.  (Evidently U7 coaches are “hey, can we all get on the same page for the rules??”)

Met up with Moonbeam at Puget Sound Mycological Society Wild Mushroom Fest.

  • saw a pretty purple one
  • learned some mushrooms as dyes (only dye animal fibers) change color depending on the pH of the solution
  • saw the typical, near identical mushrooms displayed next to each other, one toxic, the other edible.
  • recently one species was discovered to actually be three different species
  • the “Lobster Mushroom” is actually a mushroom infected…changes the shape, color, and makes it taste yummier LOL!

We went over the TikiLodge for dinner. Chatted with friends, catching up.

I should study.

Selena Gomez for Song of the Now

23 October, 2018

…if I’m properly searching, Ms Selena Gomez (with or without the Scene) has not made the illustrious “GBAtT Song of the Now”. Which is weird, because the following are totally my cup of tea:

Well… naturally we want a drum roll and hit the lights (pro’lly off a drum machine, whatevs, the heart wants what it wants) the current “GBAtT Song of the now” is:

Back To You


MsS was amused I was blasting it on my phone when I came home.

MrC told me the loud music was freaking out Sophie-Kitty .

MrG ignored it.

MyBetterHalf couldn’t remember who sang it. Evidently Selena Gomez needs to be more famous.




basil seed drink

22 October, 2018

Saturday, MyBetterHalf and I went without childrens to grab dinner a new Mediterranean place before she went to see “Come From Away”.  (MsS and MrC were at their BFF…MrG was not wanting to leave home.)

While there, I grabbed a Basil Seed Drink.

MrG refused to try it. MrC thought it was OK. MsS liked the flavor. Me, the basil seeds too much like bubble tea, and I don’t care for a chunk drink.

Apples to Pencils

21 October, 2018

we invented a game…

  1. a judge leaves the room for 2 minutes
  2. distribute an “Apples-to-Apples” ™ card to everyone
  3. you draw what’s on your card
  4. judge returns, and has to guess what you drew, and who drew it

The best part tonight, I referenced a picture MrG made last night in my drawing, and he and I couldn’t stop giggling. I love his laugh.


sixth grade camp

19 October, 2018

MsS and MrG left Wednesday morning for sixth grade camp.

It was quiet at home.

MrCuddles enjoyed it. He played card games with us, he read with us, he smiled a lot.

Tonight…the sixth graders were very tired, and totally let all their emotions out, yelling at those of us who did not go to sixth grade camp.

These things are natural… sigh…

b-day ice cream

16 October, 2018

I like to have, for my birthday, my childrens to each get me a different ice cream, and then share it with me. I know that I have about six more chances to experience this on my birthday, for soon, they will be away at schools, or jobs, or different cities. In fact, didn’t even work out this year, we were busy at different parts of the day, and never got around to having family gather round, and eat ice cream. (Yup, should’ve had it for breakfast!!!)

MrCuddles asked, with a mischievious grin, “even white chocolate ice cream”. I told him, no matter what you want to share with me, I will be happy.

This year they picked

  • MrC – Caramel caribou
  • MsS – strawberry
  • MrG – mint moosetracks


15 October, 2018

well…today was a monday…

tie game

14 October, 2018

I hear that American football is having more tie games. And you already know I’m strongly against tie games in soccer.

Good news… I have solutions.

Football if end in a tie

  • Each team has four downs to make a touchdown, must go for two point conversion. No field goal attempts.
  • If no score, then whichever team has most yardage.
  • If still tied, then kicker challenge, start at 25 yards, and move back five yards until someone misses. Just snapper, ball holder and kicker, no defenders.

Soccer if end in a tie:

  • every stoppage the opposing coach can pull one of your players off the field, so fewer and fewer players on the field. Eventually it would be one-on-one soccer.
  • Or my  favorite… Multi-Ball-overtime every five minutes put another ball on the field!!!

When soccer comes down to penalty kicks, the kick is too fast for the goalie to react to, and they have to guess. Which is basically a coin flip. Who wants a game decided by a coin flip? With my method, games decided by the players playing.

Boeing – Arcadia Publishing

13 October, 2018

I really like Arcadia Publishing. Short little history books, with lots of pictures, on a small topic.  I just read Boeing (Images of Aviation) by John Fredrickson.

Evidently they currently have  96 books in the “Images of Aviation” series, or if you want to search by state, there are 275 books regarding Washington state.




the skip game

12 October, 2018

when driving with the childrens, we play the skip game while listening to the radio.

Everyone has one skip, and can skip any song, but after they have used their skip, they have to wait until everyone else has used their skip.  (We automatically skip talking or commercials.)  The childrens are learning to only skip a really really bad song, because you might get stuck with Def Leppard, “bringin’ on the heartbreak” and your father is singing along to all the guitar parts. Loudly.