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Blue Jean Buddha

29 November, 2018

Blue Jean Buddha: Voices of Young Buddhists, edited by Sumi Loundon.

About two dozen personal essays about young Buddhists in America. As expected, some good writing, some poor writing. And as I should have expected, young people who are Buddhists, are pretty much young people. Weird, huh?

My favorite bit, the first essay, a woman wrote about an episode where she was screaming profanities at her boyfriend.

Maybe Ms Joplin understood it  better than me…





Best American Poetry 2016

26 November, 2018

Finally finished a poetry anthology I got back in summer of 2017…which ain’t bad for me, actually finishing a book that I paid full price for.



25 November, 2018

I studied, some.

With weeping and gnashing of teeth, we got the childrens out of the house…

  • I did a hike through Hamlin Park with MsS and MrC. We parted paths, and then when we re-met, they pretended to be bears and chase me.
  • I played some basketball with MrG. He was practicing his long shots, and once, when ball bounced back to him, he just kicked it into the basket. It was pretty cool.

Before bed, we played a quick game of Clue as a family.  (Yeah, it was a quick game.)


24 November, 2018

MsS made a sausage & egg scramble for the family for breakfast. I added french toast, from Hawaiian rolls.

During the day, after their studies and chores, MyBetterHalf & MrG went to see “Ralph Breaks the Internet”.  I had purchased “Fortnite:Save the World” so MrC and I played around fighting zombies, I mean “husks”. MsS tried it for a bit, but mostly played RoBlox.

Dinner time, again I put the childrens to work

  • MsS made gravy
  • MrG made mashed potatoes
  • MrC made dressing

After dinner MrC, MsS and MyBetterHalf watched a HarryPotter movie. MrG watched YouTube videos about Fortnite. I tried to learn about airplane brake systems.


23 November, 2018

today was a nice day… I don’t know what I did, maybe it was my PJs… this morning the childrens did their reading, math, music (they tried to play “Twinkle Twinkle” together on their respective instruments), vocab, cleaned rooms, chores and laundry, with me just asking them to. Then they played on electronics.

They seem to like “RoBlox” these day. Which, seems to me like SimCity, but with worse graphics and more play options. Quotes I overheard… “Cuddles, Don’t eat yet. OK, Squeaky, can I help you cook?”

Since I don’t want them on computer all day, I made them go for a walk.

They played more electronics, I studied more.
They went for another walk & I went to the store.

I did a fair bit of study… MrG asked if I learned anything. Maybe.

MsS helped make mashed potatoes for dinner. MrG helped make gravy for dinner. (And MsS made herself a ham and cheese omlet for breakfast.)   I supervised the cooking.

MsC is sniffly nose and a cold.

Watched the AppleCup with MyBetterHalf.

Yay, WAZU Marching Band for playing UW fight song in place of the UW band who got in an accident on way to Pullman. We are thankful for you.

MrG and I chatted about NBA player who gets most money per minute of play. I couldn’t find a chart for that. But did find that Chris Bosh and Tim Duncan are still making some money this season off of their buyouts.



Veterans Day – observed

12 November, 2018

today, to observe Veterans Day, I read the childrens the beautifully illustrated

And the Soldiers Sang

by J. Patrick Lewis & Gary Kelley.  Tells a story of the 1914 Christmas Truce along the Western Front. I almost cried when a German showed a picture to the protagonist and said “Meine Tochter”.

We also talked about trench foot, snipers, trenches, poison gas, rats getting fat off corpses and ears.

We also watched a couple of  videos from the Auckland War Memorial Museum.



11 November, 2018

Sunny soccer game today for MrG.

Tonight, me, MyBetterHalf, MrC & MsS had a dance party in the living room.


Pride & Prejudice

10 November, 2018
Just saw a HS production of “Pride & Prejudice”…don’t really think it’s my cup of tea.
Though I did appreciate the HS version implying that Mr Bingley was a dog. (Jane asks “who wants to go for a walk?” & Bingly bounces around.)
And they did fortnite dances at the ball scene.

And the crowd found it funny that Mary was a 6’2″ dude who coughed all the time and frightened everyone when entering the scene.

We took the childrens, they appeared to have enjoyed it.

go Blue Dev…???

9 November, 2018

I can’t bring myself to say it.

My boss, is huge UNC basketball fan, and so I’ve been conditioned to type things like dOOk or worese when referring to Coach K’s squad.  (It doesn’t help that they have had such esteemed players such as Chris “chest stomper” Laettner …sorry, Dream-Team-Olympic Gold Medalist “chest stomper” Laettner, or  their tradition of flopping, or Grayson Allen .)

I hear, that d00k this year has an amazing team. Allegedly they have the #1, #2, #3 and #9 recruits from last year. And they quickly destroyed the #2 team Kentucky the other day.

So, I say, “Go for it, Coach K. Show everyone that one-and-done is silly. That some players have such skill that they are wasting their time taking classes. Crush every team you face by 30. Make college basketball not fun.”



longest place called home

8 November, 2018

I hadn’t thought of it, but the house we are in now, is the place I’ve called home the longest.  Like fifteen-ish years.

Places I remember

  • A small brown square house, two bedroom.  (Lakewood?)
  • A white house, huge front yard, large family room tied to kitchen.  (Parkland?)
  • A house in Missouri, on a large bunch of property
  • the ParkAve house, (SouthTacoma) for three or four years
  • the Asotin house (SouthTacoma) for three or four years
  • the 59th St house (SouthTacoma) two or three years, until I went off to college