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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

15 December, 2018

we saw “Into the Spider-Verse” as a family today.

I loved the visuals, dialogue, music, the timing, and characters. Besides that it very good.

I highly recommend you see it on the big screen.

Me and the childrens each give it FIVE out of five starts.



Shade’s Children

5 December, 2018

Shade’s Children, by Garth Nix.

It was alright, quick, entertainment.

NBA – all time favorite player

3 December, 2018

Mr Bill Russel, eleven time NBA champion, is my favorite player.

From what I’ve heard… defense mindset, knew where the ball was going to be after the shot missed, quick outlet pass for a fast break.

But besides on the court.

Great example of stress management, I hear he would often throw up from stress before big games, but then go on and have a great game.

Oh… and former Sonics coach.

NBA 2018-19 preview

2 December, 2018

I was looking forward to this season…which, I know is about a quarter of the way through, but the seasons too long, and I try to ignore it until Christmas Day games.

I was looking forward to:

  • How good is San Antonio gonna be now that Kawhi Leonard is health… [record scratch!!!!!!] …what, Kawhi is in Canada??? Well, at least he’s healthy. Sigh. OK, the Spurs have always been a well run organization and should be alright with ….[record scratch]… Spurs currently in twelfth place???!!!
  • OK, how good are the Rockets gonna be?  What?? They are currently in tenth place!?!
  • LeBron went to LA. Sigh. I liked him. Wait, he’s beefing with President, and the President is claiming he always liked MJ more. DARN IT!!! Now I have to root for LeBron to win a few more championships, …for the freakin’ Lakers!!
  • I heard about Jimmy Butler going off on his teammates in a practice. Highly entertaining. Bulter screaming insults and profanities, and leading the bench to beat the starters in a scrimmage. LOL entertaining. (Not that I recommend that kind of bridge burning behavior, kids. Especially since the only person that seems to like it is Tibs, and Tibs is kinda crazy, and you’re trying to get away from Tibs.)
  • I hear Boston is having a tough time getting their team to work well together, that they may have too much talent.

OK…the teams I’ll kinda follow will be

  • San Antonio – of course
  • Dallas – I hear they have a young talented European
  • Rockets – MrG’s team.  (By the way, nice no-look defense on DeRozen the other day, Mr Harden!)
  • 76’ers – lets see how that “Process” is coming along
  • Bucks – THE GREEK FREAK !
  • Raptors – I miss Kawhi

NBA – first name last name

1 December, 2018

A good team of players whose last name can also be a first name:

  • LeBron JAMES
  • Chris PAUL
  • Kawhi LEONARD
  • Tyson CHANDLER
  • Paul GEORGE

This method is not fool proof, … imagine if I added Carmelo ANTHONY or Dwight HOWARD to the team.