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27 January, 2019

Yesterday, I took them to the local music store, so I can get my viola tuned-up. I was looking for easy duets for viola, which they had one book. And easy viola-clarinet duets…which I don’t think exist. (Business idea!!! LOL)  After we walked through a wet-land area under a bridge.

Last night I hooked up my old electric guitar, brought out the djembay, and brought up the keyboard, …and told the childrens, “take turns being band leader…and don’t play so loud that that cops show up.” And then MyBetterHalf & I went on a date.

MsS – she’s the one that wanted to learn to play guitar. I showed her a few things. Today, her friends were here building a fort in the backyard, which fell apart initially, but by the time they left it had a stable roof (which Katherine exclaimed “won’t fall down on you!”)

MrC – he and I spent some time just playing with circles and fractions. He’s getting closer to getting it…as in a fourth is smaller than a half, even though four is bigger than two. I think he had a bit of fun with it. He and I played some duo FortNite, I let him be in charge, because he’s better than me. Since he knows I love to talk basketball, last night he tricked me into letting him stay up later by asking for more stories about Dennis Rodman.

Today, with MrG a good day. We cooked fried rice. We played basketball, he was laughing while recreating recent bloopers/missed-calls from the NBA. We went on a small hike through a park that had been hidden from me(!). We played FortNite and our goal was maximized zombie-zapping, I like FortNite teamwork.


African Violet and Other Stories

25 January, 2019

African Violet and Other Stories – a collection of short stories, short listed from 2012 Caine Prize. 

LOL, as luck would have it, evidently one of my favorites of the book won the Caine Prize that year.

The stories I liked most were

“Bombay’s Republic” – Rotimi Babatunde

“The Verge” – Rachel Zadok


Lunar eclipse 2019

20 January, 2019

MyBetterHalf returned home from game night to remind us (we were in MrG’s room, also playing a board game) of the lunar eclipse. Yay, no clouds and we could see it from the front yard. We got to see about 2/3 covered to all the way covered and “red”…well, more orange/pink in parks and shadowy…very cool.

Also today:

Played basketball with the childrens, me & MrC -vs- MsS and MrG. There was plenty of laughter.

They helped make dinner. MsS mashed potatoes. MrC turkey & gravy, MrG banana bread.

MrC and I played a bit of piano this morning. MsS was trying to figure out melody of “happy birthday” on ukulele at bedtime. She was getting so frustrated, but we let her “make a good choice” on how late stay up, and she figured it out. I was proud of her.

MrG and MrC took turns playing FortNite w/ me… it was fun zapping zombies…I mean crushing cube-fiends…with my boys.