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1 April, 2019


  • We did some yard work.
  • Me, MrC & MrG went for a bike ride on the BurkeGilman. MyBetterHalf & MsS fought zombies with the GirlScouts
  • As a family we went to see local JrHigh perform “Adam’s Family” musical.
  • By myself I went to see “Us”.  Good movie. Glad I went. Haven’t had a nightmare yet.


  • MrC bought a suit from Goodwill, and dressed up, and went with MyBetterHalf to see “Cats”.
  • MsS went to a cartooning thing with GirlScouts
  • I watched MrG soccer team have their first game of spring, beautiful day, too. My fav part, he had the ball, three defenders charged him, and he was able to complete a pass to a teammate who was open. There was no one on the bench, so everyone played the entire game. He said he was tired.
  • Me, MrG, & MsS went to Leena’s Diner for dinner.