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moving up

14 June, 2019

Today was MsS and MrG movin’ on up ceremony.

The steel drum band played, and it was nice and joyful music. (including a version of “YMCA” that most the sixth graders did hand motions to.)

The sixth graders, all of them, put on scenes from “Taming o’ the shrew”, in Shakespear’s English, meaning that every one of the kids participated in the graduation ceremony.  (The fourth graders – MrC, got to watch the performance.)

there was a slide show many side-by-side Kingergarten & Sixth grade photos.

Speaking of K, their kindergarten buddies got to come out and watch the graduation ceremony.

Wise words from their awesome principle, “my son, when he was little would say ‘help me do it by myself’. It’s the same with middle school…and high school,… and beyond. They still want you, and need you, even as they learn to do it by themselves.”

Raptors win

13 June, 2019

well…it took me the first half of the game to drive home. I know I should ride the bus more. But, I got to listen to Hubie Brown do commentary, so cool.

A very exciting game. Eighteen lead changes.

MrG showed every emotion.

I cannot believe that Draymond called for a timeout, when they didn’t have one. We all make mistakes.

NBA draft

3 June, 2019

LOL… this is slightly old news…but.. 

Before the lottery drawing:

  • Knickerbockers “So, we’ll get the #1 pick, and trade that to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis”
  • Me: “Zion seems a decent kid, please God don’t let him get stuck on a disfunctional laughing stock soul crushing happiness ruining franchise like the Knickerbockers.


  • Pelicans get the #1 pick.
  • Me: LOL!!!




Raptors v Warriors game 2

2 June, 2019

well… Siakam and VanVleet have regressed to mean.

AND don’t let the Warriors go on a 18-0 run in the third quarter.

MrG was not happy watching the game.

Raptors -v- Warriors

1 June, 2019

Game #1 …my recap:

I’m slightly rooting for Raptors. But like a minute left, they were up by ten, and I was a bit nervous, because ten-to-zero run in sixty seconds is totally realistic for the Warriors.


·         Leonard – had an alright game. There were moments when I was sure the ball was about to go out of bounds, but Kawai’s “Claw” grabbed the ball.  (Nike made a Claw logo, looks cool, but then Kawai switched to New Balance.)

·         Danny Green – had an alright game, knocked down a couple threes, played some decent defense.

·         Siakam – lanky, tall, moves well, HUSTLES had a monster game.

·         VanVleet – short, undrafted, pestered Curry into “poor” shooting.

·         Lowry – point guard, evidently has taken more charges than anyone this season.


·         Durrant – did not play (injury a couple weeks ago)

·         Curry – “off” night   (44% from three point)

·         Thompson – got frustrated at a call, threw ball back at the ref, but ref didn’t see, and was T-ed up for hitting ref in the back with a ball.

·         Draymond Green – triple double  (his fifth of the playoffs)


·         To troll Steph Curry, Drake wore Dell Curry’s Toronto Raptors jersey.

·         BTW… Drake also used an armband to cover up his Steph Curry tattoo. They’re buddies in real life.

·         After the game, Drake & Steph had “words”. Drake picked piece of lint out of Steph’s hair, and then put it on sale at eBay, under the user name “DRAYMONDSHOULDNTWEAR23”.

…and that’s my report from a fun game.