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23 November, 2018

today was a nice day… I don’t know what I did, maybe it was my PJs… this morning the childrens did their reading, math, music (they tried to play “Twinkle Twinkle” together on their respective instruments), vocab, cleaned rooms, chores and laundry, with me just asking them to. Then they played on electronics.

They seem to like “RoBlox” these day. Which, seems to me like SimCity, but with worse graphics and more play options. Quotes I overheard… “Cuddles, Don’t eat yet. OK, Squeaky, can I help you cook?”

Since I don’t want them on computer all day, I made them go for a walk.

They played more electronics, I studied more.
They went for another walk & I went to the store.

I did a fair bit of study… MrG asked if I learned anything. Maybe.

MsS helped make mashed potatoes for dinner. MrG helped make gravy for dinner. (And MsS made herself a ham and cheese omlet for breakfast.)   I supervised the cooking.

MsC is sniffly nose and a cold.

Watched the AppleCup with MyBetterHalf.

Yay, WAZU Marching Band for playing UW fight song in place of the UW band who got in an accident on way to Pullman. We are thankful for you.

MrG and I chatted about NBA player who gets most money per minute of play. I couldn’t find a chart for that. But did find that Chris Bosh and Tim Duncan are still making some money this season off of their buyouts.





2 October, 2016

Forgot to mention, last weekend after harvesting… the childrens were hungry. I wanted to go some place new. (That is our goal on vacations, eat at places we’ve never been to before.)

There was a Phở  resturaunt.

The childrens liked the soup. We talked about Vietnam, about different kinds of food they have tried. (MrG orginally ordered Bánh mì… but wanted the soup when he saw what MsS and MrC got.)

(Personally, I’m not a fan of Phở.)

Last weekend

1 October, 2016

soccer, MrG and MsS had mirror image shots, where it the ball clanged loudly off the goal post. I am happily finding out that MsS has gotten better at soccer since last year. When/How? I dunno. MrC…so much fun watching him, he’s getting involved, being assertive, learning.

Teaching Bible class to a new young group (…I’m learning that all my tricks that I used for my fifth grades, that I spent several year teach…well, I need new tricks.)

But…my favorite part, MsS told me as we were picking beans at the local farm. “I didn’t want to come here. I’m glad we did. I really like harvesting.”  We also picked corn, zucchini, chard,…


Fool for corn

21 August, 2016

MsS and MyBetterHalf went to Mainers.

So, spoke with friends at Church about “the perfect thing to say at funerals” and evidently they don’t teach that in seminary. Sigh.

Got home. Corn is ready at our favorite U-pick veggies farm…did the math, and if everything went perfect, me and the boys could make it there and back just in time to set up for MrC soccer party. Because, ya know, traffic was easy yesterday. MrG wanted to go. I really wanted to go. MrC didn’t but said “OK, but only pick four!”

We arrived and the boys had fun, we quickly filled two bags with corn. They did most the work, I just basked in the glory of maize.
They also grabbed some cucumbers as I wheeled the wheel barrow.

On drive home, I was giddy. And I taught the boys something they quickly caught on to, and enjoyed, change lyrics so the pop songs are aboot corn.

Rush home, rush through store, rush clean (the boys were pretty helpful, MrC more, MrG complained “this is why I don’t like to have people over”.

Traffic and all other timing issues worked according to plan. Which does not teach me to “plan for the worst”.

BBQ… And of course only the people I know from MrC team showed up. Oh well.

Yes, Chef

1 January, 2016

I enjoyed reading Marcus Samuelsson’s memoir.

I do want to eat more Swedish food now…interested in the 1-2-3 pickling (one part vinegar, two parts sugar, three parts water), how “pickles and jams connect the dots of Swedish cuisine”.



9 September, 2015

I forgot to mention, when we returned from Port Angeles MsS and MrC told me they had to show me something. I had to cover my eyes, and go on the deck, being led by MsS.
“Surprise” MrC exclaimed. His sunflower from his kindergarten class had bloomed while we were away.


28 July, 2015

sunday, MyBetterHalf took MrG to Mariners, I tool MsS and MrC to Tour de Terrace. I learned, if going to a BBQ contest, don’t expect anything an hour before close. They sold out of $1 sample tickets, and only one place still had samples. Luckily, a few kind strangers gave us each a ticket and we had a bite of pulled pork. MsS thought it was really good.

MsS wanted to play one of those carnival contests…. And cried when she didn’t win. I hope she learned that those things are a scam.

We had an elephant ear, and listened to a blues band!

Previously, MsS went to cooking camp, and last night it was cool enuff, MsS showed the family how to make pizza rolls for dinner.


Blueberry picking

18 July, 2015

Today, we took the childrens north to pick blueberries. They also had a bounce thing for the kids, and a tractor ride. It’s funny, I noticed other parents taking pictures, waving at their kids… While MyBetterHalf and I were chatting with friends. Ah, back in the days when we were young and cared as a stranger drove off with our kids who was fastened into an oil drum on wheels. Now, enjoy the silence.

After some play, MrG wanted to pick more. Go for it. “By myself?!?” Sure, stay on row 16 or 17. And he went off to pick. A bit later I joined him, and we’re we speed picking.

On the way home, all three of them fell asleep. Farm work is hard work.


28 December, 2014

So… I wanted to make rice and chili for dinner. Since my brother in law is with us, was going to double the usual amount, and use TWO cups of dry rice. Easy, right?

i got the trusty two cup measuring cup, and twice measured out two cups of water. Set that to boil.

You know what would be nice? A bit of celery in the rice. True, it would be nicer to have a mirepoix, but I didn’t have carrots and onions. I really should shop better. I have the skill and knowledge to have better food. 2015 I will definitely do better at cooking.

Chopped celery in boiling water. Add some garlic and herbs. Time to add rice. Let’s see, the two cup measuring cup is wet. Don’t wanna use the one cup measuring cup…because would have to measure twice, and who has time for that?!?

ah…the four cup measuring cup. Fill that up. Add FOUR carefully measured cups of rice.

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(30 minutes)

that’s weird…why is the rice crunchy???



Breakfast time

15 December, 2014

In case you were wondering….breakfast on a school day usually is high-protein, whole grain pancakes with chocolate chips. The childrens love them.