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Radio Ga-Ga

24 February, 2019

Last night MyBetterHalf and I left the childrens and went to local, very crowded, very warm, very narrow seats, theater to watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

I was alright.

Returned home, remembering one of my fav songs of when I was their age, and they watched the video for “Radio Ga-Ga”. I didn’t watch, I just listened. Most of my youth, I did not have MTV, so I listened to radio, and made mix-tapes of favorite songs, often waiting an hour for my song, and getting grumpy at DJ talking over it.



Storm of the X-men

14 January, 2014

Maybe I just don’t get it.

But I really believe that Hollywood messed up the character Storm. And because of the idiots in Hollywood, who wasted the talents of Halle Berry, you now get folks on the NPR who base their knowledge of a story on the Hollywood version and write:

While there are lots of brown superpeople in the fictional universes that these heroes inhabit, they’re usually tertiary characters.

Storm, from the the comic in the 80s and 90s was awesome. Yes, she caused fear, awe and wonder. She was a major character, she led the X-men for the decade I followed the comic. She changed and grew as a character. When lost her mutant powers, and boring Cyclops challenged her to be the leader, she kicked his ass, had the respect of the other X-men, and continued to lead. The first X-men movie had none of the depth, character, emotion, struggles that the comic book did. Halle Berry was paid to stand around in leather pants and make one mediocre joke.

I’ve only seen X-men (2000), maybe they got better writing for the incredibly talented Ms Berry.

I would also like to point out that when Tony Stark was an alcoholic in the comics, James Rhodes took over…we can only hope Chiwetel Ejiofor is available for Iron Man 4.

game of Thrones book 4

19 September, 2013

I’ve said that reading a chapter of George RR Martin is like having a scoop of ice cream.

Well, reading book 4 was like having my parents take me to ice cream, then telling me that they had given my dog away, and were going to send me away to live with mean aunt Burtha in Mongolia.

I don’t have the time or energy to invest into something that is sad, and is fantasy. If I want long and depressing, I’ll read about the Aztec and Incas. If I want political intrigue, I’ll read about the rise of Islam, or Byzantium. Or if i do want depressing escapism’ Shakespeare, the play is over in four hours and he’s a better writer.

Don’t tell me it’s realistic…there are dragons and magics. It’s fantasy, read as escapism.

Sure, I get that you want to keep your readers on their toes. But at this point, it’s no surprise, they are dead, or soon will be dead. The new characters, I don’t care about. They’re boring, and will probably be dead soon anyway.

the Hobbit

30 July, 2012

So….maybe around 4th grade, at a library in South Tacoma, I saw the cartoon version of The Hobbit. It was awesome. Even the cheezy “Greatest Adventure” song.

Well…I hear that Mr Peter Jackson will be making it into a three movie special effects extravaganza.


I sure the dragon will be beautiful, and the battles will be epic. But really? Do we really need to stretch a short children’s book into six hours of CGI?

I like movies

18 June, 2004

People seem to say that I don’t like any movies. That’s not true. A few movies that I do like.