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Gods and Robots

10 November, 2019

Gods and Robots: Myths, Machines and Ancient Dreams of Technology

by Adrienne Mayor

I was recommended this book by a friend of whom I asked, “at what point will we have to start preaching to robots? Have theologians thought about that?”

I don’t think I was the intended audience for this book, does make me realize how lacking my education of Classical Greek history & literature is.

Pandora story, that we all know, there were several different variations of it (which makes sense if you think about it).

It was hinted at cultural exchange of the idea of automated warriors from “Rome” to Northern India near the end.

Well written, very well researched, …but not really my cup of tea.



Halloween 2018

1 November, 2018

MsSqueaky was a zombie cheerleader

MrCuddles was a character from a video game (he was in cammo, and MyBetterHalf tells me three other boys in his class had the same costume).

MrGrunty didn’t want to dress up.

MyBetterHalf was a witch.

Me & MrGrunty stayed home and handed out candy…well, mostly he played Fortnite.

My costume was … I had four foam tubes (padding for shipping a chair) and stuck them on a head band, and wore a labcoat. I told folks I was…

  • character from a Fellini film
  • “15 second costume”
  • “I’ll do better next year”
  • mutant triceratops
  • scarecrow with a brain (I had a small “brain” eraser in my pocket)
  • ice covered football field with the foam as the pylons of the endzone

Other folks said:

  • MsS said “weirdest dad in the world”
  • My boss said “Santa Lucia”
  • My sister suggest a molar.  (I liked this best!)




27 October, 2018

MrCuddles woke us up, wanting to snuggle in our warm bed.

Then I went off to chat with our soccer club’s U7 coaches, and watch U7 kids play soccer (so cute!!), aboot what / how we want our club to go.  (Evidently U7 coaches are “hey, can we all get on the same page for the rules??”)

Met up with Moonbeam at Puget Sound Mycological Society Wild Mushroom Fest.

  • saw a pretty purple one
  • learned some mushrooms as dyes (only dye animal fibers) change color depending on the pH of the solution
  • saw the typical, near identical mushrooms displayed next to each other, one toxic, the other edible.
  • recently one species was discovered to actually be three different species
  • the “Lobster Mushroom” is actually a mushroom infected…changes the shape, color, and makes it taste yummier LOL!

We went over the TikiLodge for dinner. Chatted with friends, catching up.

I should study.


8 April, 2018

First, Happy Easter to those in the East.  ( A friend from work is celebrating this weekend.)


  • MsS had GirlScouts with rock climbing, then worked on her moldy science experiment
  • MrG had his soccer game – I was ref for a half
  • MrC visited BFF-Emma
  • took the boys to library, and got diverted to a 3D ride for them at the mall.
  • watched WalkingDead with MyBetterHalf while Sophie-kitty rested on me
  • Oliver started the day, throwing up the flowers he ate while we slept

Mr Cuddles birthday

3 March, 2018

MrC celebrated his birthday at his gymnastics place.

It was great, after a week of mid-winter break, we were gonna tire them out and get them back on a normal sleep schedule. His two best friends, plus a few others were able to join.

The staff had them run an obstacle course, with crawling over, crawling under, crawling through, balance beam, parallel bars then jump into the pit of foam. Many times.

Then they bounced on a 15 yard long trampoline line, doing different hopes each time.

Then rope swing over, and drop into, the pit of foam blocks a couple times.

Then, all the kids got foam blocks, and threw them at MrC who was swinging over the pit, while they sang happy birthday to him.

Dinner, he picked the resturaunt.

Next day at school, me & MyBetterHalf served treats (healthy, well, at least the first ingredient listed was a whole grain, new nutrition rules to follow if we want to qualify for federal dollars at our school district. Which is good.)  MrC seemed subdued. Maybe because he had a sub, and things were going normal, or maybe because his class is rambunctious, and he wasn’t the total center of attention for a few minutes. I dunno. I felt a bit sad for the boy.


problem solving

18 February, 2018

yesterday, (after a morning of chores, room cleaning, projects-with-parents, math music and reading) the childrens biked by themselves to the park. I followed along, walking, and was happy to see they were using good street crossing. They zipped around on the path for a bit, whilst I talked with my mom, and then wanted to bike through woods.

In the woods, they took the path less traveled, and had to cross a narrow bridge made from a couple of 4x8s. I asked how they did it. Teamwork. I wish I had been there to watch. I’m very proud of them, working together, without a parent around.

…and other stuff from yesterday…

Me and MrCuddles are very similar. Lots of interests and lots of projects, which leads to disorganization. Yesterday, I suggested to him, “since we are so much alike, we can help each other get organized.” He was happy to help me organize a bit, before he went to a sleepover.

MsSqueaky is inventing a math game, to help MrC with his multiplication. She told me she was surprised she got the highest grade possible in music. I told her I wasn’t, because she sounds good, and I have been surprised how quickly she is making good sounds. And she went off to a sleepover.

MrGrunty, the boy is in a “i don’t wanna do anything (except play on computer)” phase. He was very much against the family bike ride, but I forced him, and after a few minutes was very happy running around and playing with his siblings. He had fun biking at the park. I set up a play-date with one of his best friends from soccer. We brought a basketball and a couple soccer balls. I went to read, Esperanza Rising, while they played one on one. Soon, I saw they they were a team against another pair of boys. After an hour of play, MrG told me “that was fun”. Then they shot goals against each other.  Then back home to play Xbox soccer & football. Then back to Matthew’s, where I got caught up in watching a KingArthur movie. Yup, much better than letting him mope around all day.



Seattle Women’s March 2.0

20 January, 2018

MyBetterHalf and I took the childrens to the Women’s March. They really didn’t want to go, but got ready in an alright fashion. We talked about why we are marching, one child said “because women are paid less then men”.

But…as marches go, (or maybe it’s just liberal marches that are disorganized, run late, no real plan, no one in the back can hear the speakers, not enough exits…this worries me for the 2018 elections), it was a lot of standing around, and it was cold (well, cold for Seattle) and a bit of drizzling (well, constant raining if you’re from other parts of the country), and they were bored, and hungry, and wanted to go home.

But it’s important to show up, in person, and say “I agree”.

late night pizza

14 January, 2018

in the long long ago… I was a student-coordinator at a dorm kitchen, in “in charge” when the real managers weren’t there. That left me working a lot of 8pm until close (midnight) and clean up (1am-2am, depending on your crew) on many a Friday & Saturday night. Well, never really alone, they decided that you needed at least two student coordinators to be responsible for 50 pizzas, a sandwich bar, salad bar and drink cooler.

(First, it amazes me the lack of trust they had in 20 year olds, because at this very minute there are 18 year old kids carrying assault rifles on patrol, or directing fighter jets to land at dark on a bouncing air-craft carrier. But then again, probably a kid out of book camp is more dependable than a college kid. That’s why after four years of college they put you in charge of someone that has four years of experience but no college. Sigh.)

(Second, because of late night, where re-stocking was a major part of the job, I loath all the variety sugar water beverages…twelve flavors of snapple, or Coke’s “hey-let’s get in on the fruit flavor craze Fruitopia” sixteen flavors. Look, what do you need. Caffeinated fizzy sugar water, Diet-caffeinated fizzy water, fizzy sugar water without caffeine. To this day, I drink coke or pepsi and still have a special disdain for snapple.)

So, we wanted to have a decent staff… ones that would show up, all the time, and competent.

One year, to try and make it fun, to try and get our decent staff to work instead of party on Friday & Saturday nights, we decided, without asking management, let’s do special theme nights… make it fun. Here’s a few examples, that I can remember…

  • Fisherman’s night. We did ask special permission to keep the fryers on and also serve fish and chips. And we dressed up. I bought a fisherman’s vest, cheap $10 galashes, (pro-tip, terrible idea on a greasy kitchen floor), but I still have ’em, and used them this past snowy Xmas! We pinned bobbers and lures to our hats.
  • 50s night. I bought a bunch of 50s compilation cassette tapes. We wore white t-shirts. (NOT authorized uniform). Some of our crew slicked back their hair (pro’lly using fryer grease!), and rolled up cigarettes in their shirt sleeves.
  • I’m told we did cross-dresser night. But I’ve blocked that from my memory.
  • Terrorist night… (yeah…this one couldn’t be done now-a-days, times have changed)… this one took precise timing. Most of us dressed up, black berets, black turtle neck shirts (pro tip, those get hot next to a pizza oven), we had cap guns (using markers to black out the orange bands to let cops know it’s not a real gun), we crafted “sticks of dynamite” with cardboard tubes, I think we had “Pizza Liberation Front” badges… at 9pm sharp, an expected line of customers, we waited just a minute longer than necessary, a dozen pizzas ready to be served. The terrorist came “shot” the server, possibly even with one of those cap guns, (who fell down, and loved hamming it up, (unfortunately for the person who shot the server, the server weighed 180 lbs and needed to be dragged away – to change into their PFL uniform/disguise. Our usual server, who was a petite 5′ woman refused to be shot, “I’ll dress up, but I’m not falling down on that gross floor”), and PLF members came out an quickly served pizza.
  • And of course you know you do something fun, without management knowing, you’re gonna be caught. One night, I’m walking through, checking things, looked good, things well stocked, place clean, a few fresh pizza slices available of a couple different varieties (not too much, not lacking), tables in the dining room looking good. And who walks in at 11pm. Our manager. “Welcome to Bugaloo-Night, Sir! Would you like a slice of pizza?” He was chuckling. We all had our uniforms on, but, we had crafted antenna onto our visors, with different decorations on the ends. (Evidently we were inspired by a 70s show “the Bugaloos”, I don’t know, I didn’t watch much TV as a kid.) I couldn’t believe it. How lucky were we? Everyone was actually doing what they were supposed to, and the place looked good. He smiled, had a piece of pizza, paid for it, and went home. The next day he asked what we were doing? I explained, (leaving out “terrorist night”) and he seemed to think it was a good idea.



12 January, 2018

tonight, my wonderful roommate from the long-long ago visited

Me, MyBetterHalf & ex-roommate watched “Bright” the Will Smith fantasy-buddy-cop movie

It was entertaining and fun

If you hear the phrase “We’re not in a prophecy, we’re in a stolen Toyota Corolla” and think, yeah, that sounds like a phrase I want to hear in a movie, I recommend. If that sounds just too cheezy, well, you’re right.

TLC Baby-Baby-Baby

11 January, 2018

My BFF from High School and I were at a party once in college, (he was visiting Seattle). A new song, by a new girl group, “Baby-Baby-Baby” was on. I said some disparaging remark, and he told me “Shut up. Listen.”

I’m glad he did. I listened. It’s a beautiful.