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14 September, 2011

So…being a late adapter of technologies, I have recently found a cool way for me to make my commute more pleasant.


During the short drive to the park and ride, I’ve been listening to:

SlowGerman – which is awesome and I wish I knew about it 25 years ago, when I was studying German. The host, talks slowly, for 3-8 minutes about a topic, in German. Pure genius, and a lot better than those cheesy “Guten Tag” films we watched in class. I don’t get it all, but I feel it is just at the perfect level for me to review/relearn/learn-some-more. She has a “normal” speed podcast in German, I tried that once, and wow, humbling, WAY to fast.

Der Chemie Reporter” – also in German, answers a science question, hosted by BASF, the worlds largest chemical company. Is faster than SlowGerman, but not real conversation speed. Maybe because it’s an educational program. I feel double smart listening to this one, because it is two subjects, science & German, so it’s like I’m being super efficient. (You can laugh at me now.)

Distillations” by the Chemical Heritage Foundation. Awesome history of chemistry.

The above three I listen to the most, and are saving,  the are short, many episodes, I like them lots.


I also trying to find a good mix of science podcasts to listen to, I’m trying out:

  • PRI’s The World, Science
  • AAAS Science Magazine podcast
  • Imperial College London, Science Magazine podcast
  • NYT, Science Times podcast
  • Nature podcast
  • ACS, Science Elements podcast

It is funny when I hear the same news story, from two different reporters. So, I’ve got to figure out which I like best, and ignore the rest. I could spend the whole day listening to all the science news… I hear efficiency is about making a choice.