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Radio Ga-Ga

24 February, 2019

Last night MyBetterHalf and I left the childrens and went to local, very crowded, very warm, very narrow seats, theater to watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

I was alright.

Returned home, remembering one of my fav songs of when I was their age, and they watched the video for “Radio Ga-Ga”. I didn’t watch, I just listened. Most of my youth, I did not have MTV, so I listened to radio, and made mix-tapes of favorite songs, often waiting an hour for my song, and getting grumpy at DJ talking over it.



Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

15 December, 2018

we saw “Into the Spider-Verse” as a family today.

I loved the visuals, dialogue, music, the timing, and characters. Besides that it very good.

I highly recommend you see it on the big screen.

Me and the childrens each give it FIVE out of five starts.



21 September, 2017

we took the childrens, and a few friends, to go see the movie “Step

I enjoyed it.

MrG and MsS thought it was alright. MrC was easily distracted. Maybe if there was more stepping, and less talking, more sports-movie and less documentary, the childrens would have been more entertained. Never the less, I’m glad we took them to it.


Bring it On Aliens

21 May, 2017

Saturday night, we took the childrens to see a local high school perform the musical “Bring It On”.  I was impressed by what high school kids can do.

Sunday night, I went solo to see the latest Aliens franchise movie. Meh.

If this was a normal movie review, I would say “Spoilers Ahead”…but if you’ve seen Alien and Aliens then there’s no surprises. IF you haven’t, STOP, right now, and go watch Alien, and then tomorrow night watch Aliens. Two different movies. Two wonderful movies.

Alien:WhicheverMovieNumberWeAreOn…the big fight scene, not really believable, so I wasn’t really invested in it. There was one scary idea… Alien spread by fungal type spores. (Seriously, if you don’t want to sleep, google the zombie ants of the Amazon. Ant gets a spore, grows a mushroom out of its head, still walking around, doing normal ant stuff, until it’s time, then goes up, and mushroom explodes, spreading spores all over. Fungi are weird. And we have no idea how weird, because we don’t really study them.) But we didn’t spend much time on the implications of death by spore. It was drawn out, to get to the classic Alien stuff,…no surprises for us in the audience, we’ve seen the face-huggers, the chest-bursts, the acid-blood. Nothing new here.

I wonder, if you are gonna colonize a planet….why send men? Men are bigger, and so need to eat more, plus have all that extra testosterone which might not exactly make a situation better. Send women. And maybe a -80 freezer with large variety of sperm. I thought about this, while they were looking at the embryos on the space ship in Alien movie.

Yup… Lin-Manuel Miranda -vs- Alien… surprise, surprise… Miranda won.

And the tickets were cheaper, too!



Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

29 April, 2017

watched HBO’s “Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” last night with our friend Meighs.

An important story.

Well made movie.


22 February, 2017

on a lark, without warning, I took the childrens to see LegoBatman.

It was over-the-top, loud, bright, action packed, and almost enuff jokes for the parents in the audience.

The childrens enjoyed it.

Nowadays, I seem to prefer a silly cartoon fight scene to serious special-effects live action one. A cartoon is easier to suspend my disbelief.


The Eagle Huntress

14 February, 2017

I was very happy that I got to take the childrens to see “The Eagle Huntress“.

I sat next to MsSqueaky, and so heard most of her immediate comments. The thought it “rude” when they captured the young eagle. And she felt sorry for the fox, that they were hunting. MrC explained, “if they don’t hunt the fox, then they will starve.”  I did leant towards MsS and say, “see, all moms are like that” about Aisholpan’s mom telling her she needed to take better care of her hair.

MrCuddles didn’t care for it so much, because of all the subtitles. MrG explained “it was alright if you just read the words.”  (MrC is getting better at reading, but not quick enough for subtitles.)

I was worried MrG would be grossed out by the blood, but not much blood in the movie. He didn’t understand some of the things the audience laughed at, like the silence of the nay-saying men after Aisholpan won.

I enjoyed it. Some beautiful shots of eagles in flight. Feel good movie – unless you’re partial to foxes.

Hidden Figures

16 January, 2017

Go see Hidden Figures.

Great story, awesome women, history, rockets, USA, math. What’s not to love?

Our childrens enjoyed it too.


Kung Fu Panda 3

20 February, 2016

The other day, I took the childrens to see Mr. Jack Black’s “Kung Fu Panda 3”

We all enjoyed it.
I was even a bit inspired “if you only do what you can do, then you’ll never be better than who you are”

I especially liked Po after his first day of teaching, “I was terrible! I’m never doing that again!!”
“Embarrassing your self, or teaching?”


26 September, 2015

This movie was fun, funny, and good.
LeBron was funny.
I’m seeing why America loves Ms Amy Schumer, she’s funny, she can act, good writing.

Very glad MyBetterHalf picked it while the childrens are at my parents for the weekend.