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21 July, 2020

MsS picked “Bohemian Rhapsody” for us to watch.

The Hate U Give

10 June, 2020

Tonight we watched “The Hate U Give”

Pirates Caribbean III

9 June, 2020

…  if you ever wanted to see Geoffrey Rush perform a wedding

  • during a sword-fight-ballet on a haunted pirate ship,
  • while cursed sea-creature/men hybrids fight British East Indies Company soldiers AND/OR fight WITH/AGAINST pirates, 
  • (I’m a bit unclear on the alignment of the 9+ pirate factions, but I’m sure it’s a metaphor for something)
  • while sinking into the jilted goddess Calypso’s whirlpool maelstrom,  

then Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is the movie for you.

I’ve seen films by Kubrick, Fellini, Terry Gilliam, and I was ill prepared for the strange and unpredictable of “Pirates 3”.

Troop Zero

26 May, 2020

after work, MyBetterHalf and I went for a walk. We saw ducklings and a turtle.

after dinner, MyBetterHalf picked the movie, “Troop Zero”


19 May, 2020

Tonight was MrC’s choice of movie. Dumbo (Directed by Tim Burton). Not my cup of tea.



18 May, 2020

In the morning, me, MyBetterHalf, and eventually MrG joined us for the last bit, finished off a thousand piece puzzle we started the day before. MsS and Oliver played with a piece of yarn, she was laughing lots.

In the afternoon, I forced the childrens to each work with me in the yard a bit, (much easier to supervise one, go figure) and then go on a walk with me (a chance to chat). They all did some weedeating, weed pulling from their gardens, and raking. On our walks, MrC right away asked “where do you like to land in FortNite” and we pretty much talked about the game the whole time. MrG and I, I mentioned we would watch an old NBA DVD I have, and we started talking about basketball. MsS and I didn’t talk about much, so I told her stories of walking through the park when she and her brother were babies.

In the afternoon, Oliver-kitty waited for the perfect drip of water from the bath tub faucet. MsS was watching the show “Outer Banks” because people on TikTok like it. MrG was watching an NFL throwback game. MyBetterHalf took a nap, and wasn’t even woke by the thud-scrap, thud-scrap of MrC trying to break his frozen juice into smaller pieces while taking a break from GrandTheftAuto.

I watched the short film “Wake” by Bree Newsome. I liked it.

“You went to the eye doctor to get your tooth fixed.”

A Monster Calls

13 May, 2020

I read A Monster Calls…  back in ’16. (Sorry, evidently didn’t review it! I did review Siobhan Dowd’s Bog Child.)

Tonight, MyBetterHalf picked the movie. Usually I’m like if I saw the movie or read the book, I don’t need to do the other. And the previews looked silly to me.

The movie was good. Beautiful visual of the Monster’s stories.

The book was good. Beautiful writing.

I cried at both.

I gotta remember, it’s alright to feel angry. And “…I already know what you need to tell me.”

2020 most important movie

5 May, 2020

Tonight, was MrC choice for movie.

He picked “Trolls: The World Tour”.

uh…I dunno what I just saw.

But, I am interested how AMC will be refusing to play NBCUniversal movies…once we all can get back into the theaters safely. Good luck with that AMC, “trolls” just proved they can make $100million without you.

Cats – the movie

22 December, 2019

The “Cats” movie was alright.

Musicals aren’t really my cup of tea. I usually can’t suspend my disbelief of everyone singing about everything:

I need bread, and milk, and toilet paper,

from the store today, come what may.

Bread, and milk, and


Cats, seemed like a normal musical to me. Except, it was much cheaper ticket, and I didn’t have to pay $35 to park downtown.

There were freaky costumes. There was dancing.

There were songs about stuff that you normally wouldn’t sing about. There was a sad song about loss.

There was a plot about doing a bunch of crazy stuff in order to be happy. At least it wasn’t about “evil dude kidnaps girl until she falls in love with him” or “girl cuts out her tongue to be with a dude” or “girl shows up and cleans up after seven dudes”.

I dunno why the critics hate it. Seemed like a normal musical to me

Radio Ga-Ga

24 February, 2019

Last night MyBetterHalf and I left the childrens and went to local, very crowded, very warm, very narrow seats, theater to watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

I was alright.

Returned home, remembering one of my fav songs of when I was their age, and they watched the video for “Radio Ga-Ga”. I didn’t watch, I just listened. Most of my youth, I did not have MTV, so I listened to radio, and made mix-tapes of favorite songs, often waiting an hour for my song, and getting grumpy at DJ talking over it.