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8 February, 2017

this evening, MyBetterHalf & I went to the local monthly Democrat meeting.

This morning, MrOliverKitty was snuggled up next to MsS’s pillow. She had a tiny smile as she was rubbing behind his ears when I went to go wake her up.

MrC was cook’s help tonight, peeling & cutting carrots & apples.

MrG had a bit of headache. I tell him there is no need to have a headache, tell your parents, we can give you medicine. But we want to prevent them, let’s try a bit more sleep, a bit more water, and maybe less direct dry-forced air into your room.

(Sorry, no SophieKitty stories)

the cats

1 February, 2017

Well…MrOliverKitty has a bit of a thyroid issue, and has lost two pounds since last vet visit.

MsSophieKitty seems to be in alright health.


12 March, 2016

This morning, MrCuddles and I went to South Seattle to go to a kid’s workshop at a local lumber store. He seemed to enjoy the hammering. While this was happening, MyBetterHalf took MrGrunty to his baseball practice, and then went to help MsSqueaky sell her girlscout cookies.

We got them to clean up their rooms with only a tiny bit of complaining.

This afternoon, it was nice to listen to MrG and MrC play with each other,…they were playing trains and cars, then had a snowball fight, then when ran out of things to do, I suggested “MrG, why don’t you teach your brother how to hit” and they enthusiastically went off to batting practice.

Now, MrG is yelling at his Madden team.
MyBetterHalf is trying to thaw out in the shower whilst singing “Take On Me” by A-ha.
MrC and MsS are playing cars and Shopkins.
Oliver-kitty is hiding/napping under a giant piece of cardboard on MsS’s bed.
Me…I just gave Sophie-kitty a second wet-food dinner. She really likes her fish sauce, and considering we just got home from a seafood dinner, I just couldn’t resist.

The list

12 August, 2015

MyBetterHalf and I joke that the childrens have a schedule for acting up. Well tonight, at dinner, evidently the cats were scheduled, because they were fighting and making quite a ruckus under the table.

Oh, and I’m listening to the new U2 that Apple pre-emptively loaded onto iPhones a while ago. I like it.


24 July, 2014

It’s vacation week for me and the childrens.

Sunday, the boys and I went to soccer field whilst MsSqueaky and MyBetterHalf were at GirlScouts.  MrGrunty wanted to practice goalie. After a bit, MrCuddles wanted to take a shot. He dribbled up, a time or two had to readjust the ball position by hand, and at the point blank range kicked the ball. MrGrunty moved his legs so the ball would pass between his legs into the goal, and say,”Good job, MrCuddles, you did it.” MrCuddles was overjoyed, and ran down the field, hands in the air, “I did it!”

Recently, the boys were in the back, playing with the sprinkler, and I noticed. Kink in the hose. I told them. MrG was confused. I had MrCuddles explain to his older brother what a kink is, and how to fix it.

MsSqueaky is a Master-Builder with Legos. She and MrCuddles have been building lots, and she is teaching him how to make planes and cars. (And by MasterBuilder, I mean one who imagines, and then builds.)

This morning, MrG woke me, and had a huge smile. “Papa, Sophie-kittie gave me a kiss.” Slowly, she is getting used to the childrens, she even let MsS pet her the other day.  MrCuddles tried, but she ran away. He giggled, “she’s so ‘fraid of me.”   (And after watching MsS walk around the house with Oliver-kitty in what looks like a wrestling hold….

This morning

4 July, 2014

Last night, MrCuddles was the last kid asleep. Naturally he was the first kid awake this morning.

As he came out of his room, he cheerily said “Hi Oliver, today my friend’s birthday. You can’t go to his party, it’s not for cats, it’s for kids. I still love you, but you can’t go to the party.”

Happy 10 birthday Sophie-kitty

2 July, 2014

Yesterday, MrGrunty shuffled out of bed, mumbled at me, “where’s Sophie?” And when I pointed her out, his face got a big smile, and he very sweetly wished her a Happy Birthday. Then he gave her a treat.

Later, when I offered MrCuddles to give her a treat, he laughed, “Sophie’s afraid of me. But I’m not a monster.” And she did run away from him, to go hide under my bed.

MsSqueaky was too busy carrying Oliver-kitty around the house to give Sophie a treat.

Recent stories

4 May, 2014

MsSqueaky is only allowed to pick up Oliver-kitty one in morning, once at night. She often exceeds this limitation. I am surprise how tolerant he is of her.

MrGrunty wept, loudly, when he found out the Houston Rockets lost the series against Portland. MyBetterHalf was in another room and thought he was physically injured.

I’ve been finding candy wrappers all over the house. So I make general reminders to the childrens, “no candy in bedrooms.” MsS and MrG blame MrCuddles. I asked MrC if there were any more wrappers any where in the house. He said no, then in front of me and his mother, walked to the steps, looked behind a book that was leaning against the wall then walked away. There were candies there.

Kitty update

5 March, 2014

Sophie-kitty demands to be brushed by me before the childrens wake. It’s been a good thing, she has fewer dreds / fur-clumps than usual.

MrCuddles says he can’t wait to be six, then he can pick up Oliver-kitty. Although, MsSqueaky is teaching her brothers how to hold Oliver. Oliver, is surprisingly patient.

Richard Sherman

21 January, 2014

So…I was up late, laying on the floor reading aboot Richard Sherman and felt something on my back…



…that’s Sophie-kitty.

Yeah, we still have Christmas lights up.