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Junia – the first woman apostle

9 May, 2019

Junia – the first woman apostle, by Eldon Jay Epp.

In Roman’s 16, the Apostle Paul writes regarding Junia. Epp shows, through language study, grammar, other literature of the time that

  • There was a woman, named Junia
  • There is no evidence of Junia being used for a male during that time
  • there is plenty of evidence of Junia being used for female during that time
  • That she was an Apostle, not a term St Paul used lightly
  • She was a prominent Apostle

Never noticed this throw-away verse back when I was a kid, raised in a conservative “women should be silent in church” denomination. And, to be honest, wouldn’t have noticed it had I read the verse a few weeks ago.

Epp also points out that for first centuries of the Church theologians recognized Junia as female. But recently, some have said “Junia can’t be female, because Junia was an Apostle” or have said “Junia was a recognized HELPER of the Apostles”.

What to believe? … well, I don’t read New Testament Greek, so I may have to trust Professor Epp.


Radio Ga-Ga

24 February, 2019

Last night MyBetterHalf and I left the childrens and went to local, very crowded, very warm, very narrow seats, theater to watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

I was alright.

Returned home, remembering one of my fav songs of when I was their age, and they watched the video for “Radio Ga-Ga”. I didn’t watch, I just listened. Most of my youth, I did not have MTV, so I listened to radio, and made mix-tapes of favorite songs, often waiting an hour for my song, and getting grumpy at DJ talking over it.


TV on the bus

3 April, 2018

I was reminded of this story today, because I co-worker was planning on taking home a bulky item by bus.

Once upon a time, when MyBetterHalf was my girlfriend, and we were poor, and living in different cities, and she wanted a new TV. So I helped. I learned, there is a difference between being able to pick something up, and being comfortable walking to the bus stop with it, holding it on your lap on a crowded bus, and then walking home with it. And this is back in the day when TVs were about as deep as they were tall, not all skinny like they are today.


late night pizza

14 January, 2018

in the long long ago… I was a student-coordinator at a dorm kitchen, in “in charge” when the real managers weren’t there. That left me working a lot of 8pm until close (midnight) and clean up (1am-2am, depending on your crew) on many a Friday & Saturday night. Well, never really alone, they decided that you needed at least two student coordinators to be responsible for 50 pizzas, a sandwich bar, salad bar and drink cooler.

(First, it amazes me the lack of trust they had in 20 year olds, because at this very minute there are 18 year old kids carrying assault rifles on patrol, or directing fighter jets to land at dark on a bouncing air-craft carrier. But then again, probably a kid out of book camp is more dependable than a college kid. That’s why after four years of college they put you in charge of someone that has four years of experience but no college. Sigh.)

(Second, because of late night, where re-stocking was a major part of the job, I loath all the variety sugar water beverages…twelve flavors of snapple, or Coke’s “hey-let’s get in on the fruit flavor craze Fruitopia” sixteen flavors. Look, what do you need. Caffeinated fizzy sugar water, Diet-caffeinated fizzy water, fizzy sugar water without caffeine. To this day, I drink coke or pepsi and still have a special disdain for snapple.)

So, we wanted to have a decent staff… ones that would show up, all the time, and competent.

One year, to try and make it fun, to try and get our decent staff to work instead of party on Friday & Saturday nights, we decided, without asking management, let’s do special theme nights… make it fun. Here’s a few examples, that I can remember…

  • Fisherman’s night. We did ask special permission to keep the fryers on and also serve fish and chips. And we dressed up. I bought a fisherman’s vest, cheap $10 galashes, (pro-tip, terrible idea on a greasy kitchen floor), but I still have ’em, and used them this past snowy Xmas! We pinned bobbers and lures to our hats.
  • 50s night. I bought a bunch of 50s compilation cassette tapes. We wore white t-shirts. (NOT authorized uniform). Some of our crew slicked back their hair (pro’lly using fryer grease!), and rolled up cigarettes in their shirt sleeves.
  • I’m told we did cross-dresser night. But I’ve blocked that from my memory.
  • Terrorist night… (yeah…this one couldn’t be done now-a-days, times have changed)… this one took precise timing. Most of us dressed up, black berets, black turtle neck shirts (pro tip, those get hot next to a pizza oven), we had cap guns (using markers to black out the orange bands to let cops know it’s not a real gun), we crafted “sticks of dynamite” with cardboard tubes, I think we had “Pizza Liberation Front” badges… at 9pm sharp, an expected line of customers, we waited just a minute longer than necessary, a dozen pizzas ready to be served. The terrorist came “shot” the server, possibly even with one of those cap guns, (who fell down, and loved hamming it up, (unfortunately for the person who shot the server, the server weighed 180 lbs and needed to be dragged away – to change into their PFL uniform/disguise. Our usual server, who was a petite 5′ woman refused to be shot, “I’ll dress up, but I’m not falling down on that gross floor”), and PLF members came out an quickly served pizza.
  • And of course you know you do something fun, without management knowing, you’re gonna be caught. One night, I’m walking through, checking things, looked good, things well stocked, place clean, a few fresh pizza slices available of a couple different varieties (not too much, not lacking), tables in the dining room looking good. And who walks in at 11pm. Our manager. “Welcome to Bugaloo-Night, Sir! Would you like a slice of pizza?” He was chuckling. We all had our uniforms on, but, we had crafted antenna onto our visors, with different decorations on the ends. (Evidently we were inspired by a 70s show “the Bugaloos”, I don’t know, I didn’t watch much TV as a kid.) I couldn’t believe it. How lucky were we? Everyone was actually doing what they were supposed to, and the place looked good. He smiled, had a piece of pizza, paid for it, and went home. The next day he asked what we were doing? I explained, (leaving out “terrorist night”) and he seemed to think it was a good idea.


TLC Baby-Baby-Baby

11 January, 2018

My BFF from High School and I were at a party once in college, (he was visiting Seattle). A new song, by a new girl group, “Baby-Baby-Baby” was on. I said some disparaging remark, and he told me “Shut up. Listen.”

I’m glad he did. I listened. It’s a beautiful.


3 December, 2017

yesterday… after a bit of weeping and gnashing of teeth, MrC and I spent the day working on his room. After the weeping and gnashing, all went pretty good and we had some good times. We delivered a ThomasTheTrain set, that we as a family had years of fun using, to MrC’s BFF’s little sister. Hope she likes it. And more likely than not, MrC will play with the trains more, now that it’s at his BFFs house.

Got a package of GROO comics that my brother pilfered from me thirty years ago.

Last night… I love the zen of my family for Christmas tree shopping. Or maybe it is faith. Or maybe it’s we realize Charlie Brown’s tree was awesome because of love, and we have love, so whatever tree we pick will be great. MrC REALLY wanted to decorate last night. But it was soaked.

This morning, we were tired and skipped church. So we decorated the Christmas tree. MrC then decorated his room. (We had to coax the ten year olds to join us, “just hang ten ornaments on the tree please.)

Today, MsS had GirlScouts, MrC went to his BFF, MrG had a soccer game.

Tonight, whilst MyBetterHalf had bookclub, me and the childrens had a snowball fight in MrC room. Teams of two. One team on the bunkbed, the other on the floor. Mostly hiding behind pillows, no charging into no-man’s-land. MsS got me twice. No fair, she smiled at me, and was so cute, I smiled, then she pegged me in the chest. The other time, only my foot was out of cover.

After that, I left to read, and the three of them kept having rambunctious fun. Loud singing. Dancing. Stuff crashing. Laughing.  Times like this make me happy that I said “no more electronics tonight” and then was strong during the weeping and gnashing of teeth.



Tori Amos

1 December, 2017

I am thankful to my roommate of the long-long ago who introduced me to Tori Amos.

Around that time Ms Amos had a piano version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on the radio…and I thought it was bad. And would pro’lly have written Ms Amos off.

But, you live with someone, you share radio / CD player in the dishroom for 40 hours a week…  I learned that Tori Amos is great.


catching up “Castle” and TWD

7 October, 2017

“Castle” by David Macaulay was one of my favs when I was young, I must have checked it out half a dozen times when I was in early elementary school. And so, I am sharing it with my childrens. I highly recommend. (Read it, it may save your life someday!) 

Side note: I wish that somebody in TheWalkingDead had read Castle when they were young.

I’ve no intention on watch the rest of the season of TheWalkingDead.

I hate baseball bat dude…. “I’m a super powerful bad-ass, and I have a loyal army that I lead…oh, you killed a bunch of my people, I’ll kill one of yours… oh, little Rick Jr just machine gunned my people, OK, I’ll take him under my wing…”  That guy is an idiot.


I see now.

Idiot-Negan is the evil opposite of idiot-Rick.

I can see how someone might flock to a dangerous leader in times of crisis, if he kept them safe. But if he keeps letting his people get killed through stupidity.

Oh for f’s sake… I can just see it now… Trump tweets about TWD, “Finally, Hollywood gets what real leadership is like. Negan is strong leader. Rick isn’t so innocent.”

what I would like… humanity to pull together… and maybe Survivor / Gilligan’sIsland their way to a new tomorrow. What changes in society would there be if you zombiefied when you died. “Good night grandma, don’t forget to lock yourself inside your room.”

I can even see violence breaking out between competing groups… “hey this is our hunting grounds”… But just cannibalism for the sake of “worser” BigBad-of-the-Season. Meh.

AND for freakin’ frackin’… has none of the survivors ever read a book about a castle??? Every season the zombies burst through a flimsy wall. Did Rick look at the lovely wall by Deanna’s husband and say, “yup, this would totally stop the Governor and his tank?”

And in closing, Carol Ms “Hi-class-today-we’re-gonna-learn-about…are-they-gone…alright-kids- these-are-machetes…”  for President 2020. Because she’ll know how to survive in an apocalypse.

  • I’m sure all the gasoline, bleach, toilet paper, batteries, eye-glasses, tampons, condoms, aspirin, toothpaste, blank paper, pencils, guitar strings,… are gone.
  • Libraries are mostly burnt out.
  • How many people get botulism by poor canning?
  • How much non-GMO corn seed is out there in the world?
  • Blackberry vines should be covering most of the streets.
  • What happens if you get pecked by a crow that was chompin’ on zombie.

Wouldn’t you kinda have to be fascist:

  • “Roll call, where’s Bob? Security go check on Bob!”
  • “Nope, fertile women are not allowed to go out on patrol.”
  • “sure he beats his wife…but he’s a doctor, so we try to ignore it.”

Note…this was written in the middle of the season, and then I discovered one of the characters has a tiger. So I watched. Because. TIGERS!

I fear tigers. Two stories, which I pro’lly have told….but, hey, you’ve read this far, amirite

Christmas visiting my brother, in SanDiego. We went to the zoo, great zoo. We were in the valley of the cats, looking around, cool, the sun starting to set, and the tigers started to roar. My instinct was LEAVE NOW. I held MyBetterHalf’s hand, and pulled on her to get her walking a bit quicker. I wanted out of the valley. NOW. There was no rational, “this is a zoo”, there was primal flight signals going off in my brain.

At a different zoo, (Isaquah has a zoo!!), at Christmas. Me & MrC were hanging out by the tiger, in a cage. I was cool. I realized it was a thick cave. I was staring at the tiger, maybe trying to get over my fear. And it noticed my stare. It stared back. It did not blink. Were were close, and I could realize that the tiger was at least seven or eight feet long, and those iron bars were only a few inches thick. I gathered MrC and we wandered off down the path. Just don’t agitate a tiger. OK, lesson learned. And I looked back, note, we had walked away for about a minute. And the tiger was still staring at me. GET OUT NOW, was my emotion.


13 April, 2017

the evening of Wednesday, April 5th

  • MrCuddles demonstrated his kung-fu and broke a board with a kick for me
  • MrGrunty and I played catch while talking about if Mr Westbrook would get the tripple-double record for the season  (he did!!!)
  • MsSqueaky and I went shopping for her very own pocket knife. The BoyScouts issue all third graders a knife, GirlScouts…knives aren’t priority. Took her to sporting goods store. The big and scary looking / military style / hunting style she didn’t want. She ended up with a small SwissArmy knife. The guy at the store was very kind, “take your time, not every knife is for every person, get one that is right for you.”

the evening of Thursday, April 6th… me and the childrens spent a bit of time drawing together at the dinner table.

the morning of Tuesday, April 11th

  •  MsSqueaky first words in the morning “Papa are you feeling better? Is your headache gone?”  (Previous night I fell asleep way early with a bad headache.)
  • MrGrunty was first one awake, and was reading. He seems to have found a good book, and is doing more reading without us asking him to. Then when he saw me, his first words were “can I give Sophie a treat?”  Awww…he’s getting more familiar and liking our pets more.  Why I remember, when he was a toddler, and Sophie was AFRAID of kids (MsS would grab for her) Sophie-kitty and MrG surprised each other in the hallway, and had a little stand off, neither sure how to react. Sophie then got brave and advanced. MrG fell on his butt. Sophie sauntered past, sashaying her big fluffy tail.
  • MrCuddles was asking what college he would need to go to to be a “fire fighter, police officer and construction worker.”  I encouraged him to start with an EMT training.

Morning of Wednesday, April 12th, on ride to school MrG asked who was going to be in the family book club. We all said “yes” and he was happy that we would participate. I pointed out that we had already read a book as a family, “Ivan” and “HarryPotter” the fourth graders said.  “And ‘Goodnight Moon’, I added. They laughed.

<sadness warning>

Wednesday evening, fears from a ominous & vague post on TheFacebook confirmed, an ex-co-worker had committed suicide. We worked together in the kitchen for a few years, he was surly, and loyal to his friends, loved to shock people with his jokes, loved the SuperSonics and heavy metal. I hope and pray, that after “Guido” insulted St. Peter for an hour, then told St. Peter a bunch of offensive jokes for an hour, that Guido was allowed into heaven, so he could finally play with his daughter who was born asleep less than a year ago. I still don’t know what to say. We weren’t close, even back when we worked together. I’m more sad than I would have thought. Sometimes demons win and humans lose. Sometimes it’s not fair. And it’s scary, I have had a pretty good life, how would I react to depression, death of a child, war, debilitating disease, death of a loved one… I dunno.  Sometimes people do stupid things. Rest in peace, Guido.


Robin Hood

29 March, 2017

when I was a child, one of my favorite movies was Disney’s 1973 cartoon Robin Hood.

Later, when I went to England with the youth symphony, we visited Nottingham, and saw “the tree that Robin Hood hid in from the Sherriff…OK, probably not really, because we think this tree is only about 600 years old.”  Right then, a little kid went running across the field, singing loudly, “Robin Hood and Little John, running through the forest…”

MsSqueaky was just in a play, an after school club production…it was Robin Hood. It included the awesome “Oo De Lally” song.

It was great and so much fun to watch her.