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Bring it On Aliens

21 May, 2017

Saturday night, we took the childrens to see a local high school perform the musical “Bring It On”.  I was impressed by what high school kids can do.

Sunday night, I went solo to see the latest Aliens franchise movie. Meh.

If this was a normal movie review, I would say “Spoilers Ahead”…but if you’ve seen Alien and Aliens then there’s no surprises. IF you haven’t, STOP, right now, and go watch Alien, and then tomorrow night watch Aliens. Two different movies. Two wonderful movies.

Alien:WhicheverMovieNumberWeAreOn…the big fight scene, not really believable, so I wasn’t really invested in it. There was one scary idea… Alien spread by fungal type spores. (Seriously, if you don’t want to sleep, google the zombie ants of the Amazon. Ant gets a spore, grows a mushroom out of its head, still walking around, doing normal ant stuff, until it’s time, then goes up, and mushroom explodes, spreading spores all over. Fungi are weird. And we have no idea how weird, because we don’t really study them.) But we didn’t spend much time on the implications of death by spore. It was drawn out, to get to the classic Alien stuff,…no surprises for us in the audience, we’ve seen the face-huggers, the chest-bursts, the acid-blood. Nothing new here.

I wonder, if you are gonna colonize a planet….why send men? Men are bigger, and so need to eat more, plus have all that extra testosterone which might not exactly make a situation better. Send women. And maybe a -80 freezer with large variety of sperm. I thought about this, while they were looking at the embryos on the space ship in Alien movie.

Yup… Lin-Manuel Miranda -vs- Alien… surprise, surprise… Miranda won.

And the tickets were cheaper, too!




Walk Two Moons

14 May, 2017

finished up the family book club book, Sharon Creech’s “Walk Two Moons”

I had to pause reading it, because I didn’t feel like crying at a restaurant, just saying.

There was a sentence that I liked, I shared with MrG and he liked it too: “We walked through the tiny living room into the miniature kitchen and upstairs into my father’s pint-sized bedroom and on into my pocket-sized bedroom and into the wee bathroom.”

A good book.

last week in review

23 April, 2017

Friday, April 14th:

MrCuddles declared this “the best day ever. I had two parties, one in class, one in reading group. I had an Easter Egg hunt (afterschool). Three recesses. I watched a movie (“Into the Woods”). And I went home. Eight things!!!”

MsSqueaky & MrGrunty walked home after school. By themselves without any adult supervision. Are you proud of the parents for being so brave. When asked if he wanted to, MrG’s face just lit up like Christmas.

Saturday, April 15th:

MrG had a football game, so we rudely forced MrC and MsS to go. While there, during the practice, they entertained themselves by playing on a huge empty soccer field, jumping in the long jump pit, climbing over a steeple-chase-hurdle, going to top of the stands and kicking their shoes down.

Easter Sunday:

Church. And then the childrens were very helpful in getting the house prepared for company to come over. I thought the dinner went well. I did some prep the night before. I tried to go with a Mediterranean theme… yeah, I know, that’s a big area… Moroccan spices on the beef, Greek spices on the chicken, hummus, tatziki,  fruits, vegetables, … it was a relaxing dinner and evening with our friend Meighs.

Monday, April 17th

We did some chores, some reading, some gardening… and then grabbed a couple friends and headed south. Played & watched a tree get cut down at Seward Park. Had baklava. Went to GasWorks. Then Fremont & The Troll. Told them about Stalin, and asked “would it be fair if Messi & McDonald’s worker got the same pay?”  No!!!!  “But if McDonalds worker messes up, somebody could get sick. If Messi messes up, then it’s just a game.”  But anybody can cook a burger, and nobody can play like Messi.  Had gelato. Home to watch “MaryPoppins”  (or maybe “Willy Wonka”).

Tuesday, April 18th

Chores, reading, …then to Volunteer Park. First stop, the botanical conservatory. I liked it. The childrens got bored pretty quick. So I told MrC “find ten different flowers”, and MsS, “find ten different leaf shapes”. And MrG was looking at cactus, and I told him to look for Fibanacci numbers on the rows of spines. That kept them busy for a few minutes. Climbed the water tower, then got bored. I told them to look around. Then I sneaked down, they didn’t notice for a few minutes, but I’m proud they used teamwork, didn’t freak out, MsS & MrC took one flight of stairs, MrG the other, they kept calling out to each other checking on each other. MrG was not amused and scolded me. Then we wandered down to Broadway for lunch, a quick drop by an appartment building, “Look, mommy & papa used to live there.” (They didn’t care.)  Treats.  Home for watching “Willy Wonka”.

Wed – they went to Mariners game with MyBetterHalf, I had to work.

Thursday – they went downtown wtih MyBetterHalf.

Thursday night: MyBetterHalf went off to bookclub, me and the childrens had a fight over doing chores. After a bit, MrC told me, “chores are kinda fun”. After it was over, MsS told me, “my teacher tells me when you get upset to take a moment to breath deep.” Then we played a map game. Then they wanted to put on a show for me, they wanted to sing “Sweet Home Alabama” but kept laughing to much to get past the second word. I pulled up the video, and then showed them a bunch of vids of songs I like.  They picked some too, MsS “Fight Song”, MrG “24k Magic”, and MrCuddles, Journey’s “Separate Ways”

Friday, they went for a hike at Snoqualmie Falls.

Saturday – we forced them, they protested the whole time getting ready, but eventually we got to the March For Science. They seemed alright with it. We were chilled by rain, but powered by donuts. My favorite sign: “All the good signs [Ar].”





25 March, 2017

We attempted to quickly do chores, so that MyBetterHalf could take the childrens to go see Boss Baby. She said it was cute. They liked it. (MrCuddles kept saying “poop duty” today.)

Got home, me & MrG did a bit of basketball on the deck. Then he and MyBetterHalf traveled south to go see the Portland Trailblazers.

Me, MrCuddles & MsSqueaky planted strawberries. He was more energetic about it than me.

Then we went roller skating. I had to bribe MrC with “we can get ice cream if you do four laps.” I told him later that sometimes you got to learn stuff before it gets to be fun.

Then Thai food for dinner, and then icecream.

Right now, MrC and MsS are sleeping in a tent-fort they made in the living room.


4 March, 2017

MyBetterHalf was transporting & accounting GS Cookies.

MsS spent a shift selling GS Cookies.

MrC and his BFF went to a kids work shop and build a craft.

MrG had a boyscout pinewood derby race. His car, which we put very little work into, sucked. Last place, in all his heats, by a significant margin. He was embarrassed. Wanted to leave. I told him, “you need to just hold your head high, cheer for your friend, and congratulate the winners.”  Later, he had a basketball game. Usually he’s not the first scoring option on his team, but today, he was open, and they passed to him. He grabbed a loose ball and took off on a fast break for a layup. (I’m told he had ten points.) My favorite part, when coached assigned him to guard the big kid, (at least eight inches taller, and prolly 2o pounds heavy, and that kid was decent at shooting and rebounding), I told him his coach gave him a complement by putting him on the big guy.


3 March, 2017

so…last year MrC wanted an AmericanBoyDoll. They didn’t exist. MyBetterHalf looked. Lots. Found many other folks looking for one.

This year, they exist. And sold out quickly. We got one for MrCuddles. He was very excited, yelling, jumping up and down, hugging the box, when Logan finally arrived.

MrC and MsS have been playing with their dolls.

MrG, not really into playing with dolls, was complaining there is nothing to do. So, I made him a list, twelve items, and if he is bored, he has to roll a d12, and do the item for at least three minutes.

Great Wolf Lodge

1 March, 2017

recently, to celebrate MrCuddles birthday, we went to the GreatWolfLodge.

It is crazy. But in a mostly good way. The childrens (and their friends, we had in our group, six parents, eight elementary kids, one infant) had so much fun. And were very tired at the end.

My favorite part, first night, MrC wanted to hang out in our hotel room. Because that’s not something you get to do every day, amirite? But his friends wanted to play in the water park. So he and I played in the hotel room. We had a pillow fight. We climbed on the furniture. I hope I taught him the valuable lesson to look up, when entering a room – I dropped a pillow on his head, and then hit him with another pillow.

He “forced” me to go on a water ride with him and his BFF-Emma.

I was amazed, with all the kids literally running around the hotel, and up and down the stairs, how quiet the rooms were.


this morning

10 February, 2017

Usually, MrCuddles is not a morning person. The routine, I wake him, gently, softly, taking my time, and he wanders to the living room, cuddles up under a soft blanket, and then is moving about fifteen minutes later. Today, field trip, and his mommy was going on it, so he bounded out of bed, and was ready and dressed right away.

MrOliver-kitty scratched MsSqueaky on the face this morning.

…and…this evening, went to after-care, and MrGrunty was playing Stratego with a couple of first graders. I wasn’t in a hurry, and let them finish the game. He told me after that he didn’t think it would be fun, but actually he had fun playing with them. I told him I was glad that he was playing with little kids, because they like it when big kids play with them. He also told me, “school was fun today, we did writing, I didn’t think I would like it, but I did.”


8 February, 2017

this evening, MyBetterHalf & I went to the local monthly Democrat meeting.

This morning, MrOliverKitty was snuggled up next to MsS’s pillow. She had a tiny smile as she was rubbing behind his ears when I went to go wake her up.

MrC was cook’s help tonight, peeling & cutting carrots & apples.

MrG had a bit of headache. I tell him there is no need to have a headache, tell your parents, we can give you medicine. But we want to prevent them, let’s try a bit more sleep, a bit more water, and maybe less direct dry-forced air into your room.

(Sorry, no SophieKitty stories)


7 February, 2017

Two hour delay to school start today.

So… me and the childrens played hide-&-seek.  They were cheering and dancing when I said they could use the our bedroom to hide in.  MrCuddles had the best spot, he jumped on the chest of drawers in the closet and hid behind MrG’s shirts. Advantages of being short. I tried behind the sofa, but MsS quickly notice the sofa was “far away from the wall.”

Tonight, the family played Apples-to-Apples.