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Last weekend

20 September, 2019

MyBetterHalf went to North Carolina for work.

MsS had her first horseback riding lesson. I’m not exactly sure how she talked us into it, but it’s happening. At a place that’s about an hour away. I told her she is very lucky that her family can make it happen, and since it’s pricey, and a bit of an effort to get there that she needs to be very serious about it, and should be learning all she can about horses when she’s at home.

MrG – his first soccer game of the season. I was late, but saw him hustle, and they are playing full field, full 11 –v- 11, … he gave and received some passes, had a shot on goal, and was ready. It’s been fun watching many of these boys for three or more years.

MrC went with me to horseback lesson, he and I had fun just hanging out, played a bit of soccer and basketball. He’s gotten better at soccer ball control. I asked him how, “I play at recess.”  He also reiterated he would like to be on a team that doesn’t practice, but only does games. He did see a sign at the horse place, “Do NOT feed fingers to the horses”, took one look at, turned to me and said “We gotta get MsSqueaky out of here.”

last night

12 July, 2019

MrGrunty and I went to talk the Westbrook – Chris Paul trade and the ramifications of it with MyBetterHalf.
MsSqueaky was playing a RoBlox game on her phone. And she let me play a turn, and laughed lots at how terrible I was, especially since I was bragging LOTS before I began the game.

MrCuddles and I read the latest issue of Muse, which is a great science magazine for tweens, the article was about the Camp Fire from November 2018. MrC is concerned with global warming, because the article pointed out that in California the fire season has grown longer, and the number of big fires per year has grown greater in my lifetime. He and I talked about ways to solve the problem. He suggested get rid of gas cars, and just use electric cars. I pointed out that a lot of people burn coal to create electricity. He didn’t like that. I said we use dams to make electricity, but that destroys habitat for salmon…he didn’t care much, until I reminded him that beers eat salmon, then he didn’t like it. I had him think about solutions as he fell asleep.

Mother’s Day 2019

12 May, 2019

well…it was a good day for me.

I watched my childrens:

  • make breakfast for their mother. MsS made eggs, MrG made French toast, MrC made hashbrowns and sausage
  • MrC struggled with math, but struggled through
  • do yard work
  • play Truth-or-Truth at restaurant
  • MrG had a soccer game
  • MsS is still up “I’m almost done with teh book”.

I hear they played on a trampoline at neighbor, and then the three of them played ball in the backyard.

Other things I did today

  • watched end of Portland-Denver game. Good job Portland
  • watched end of 76ers-Raptors game, and on final inbounds pass, turned to MyBetterHalf “you may want to watch this”, and thought overtime…and then the ball bounced three more times on the rim for Raptors win
  • watched episode of GameOfThronezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2019 Seattle Snow

24 February, 2019

…so…recently we in Seattle area had lots of snow, for us.

The childrens missed a bit of school:

  • Mon 2/4 – Snow Day
  • Tues 2/5 – Snow Day
  • Wed 2/6 – 2 hour delay
  • Thur 2/7 – 2 hour delay
  • Fri 2/8 – half day early release
  • Mon 2/11 – Snow Day
  • Tues 2/12 – Snow Day
  • Wed 2//13 – Snow Day
  • Thur 2/14 – Snow Day
  • Friday 2/15 – 2 hour delay

And then the next week, Feb 18-22, was mid-winter break!

While at home, we started joking about home schooling, and tried to have the childrens do some reading math music and writing everyday. One morning on a late delay (Simon & Anna were with us, waiting for bus) the childrens even played school. We took some walks in the snow, but they don’t like it. I was happy that MsS and I got to walk through the woods, everyone else was cold and headed home. They did coloring and drawing contests, they were playing board games together, MsS & I tried to make “slime” and “ubluck” (pro-tip, cornstarch and water, left in cupboard, covered, will make several colorful molds), of course the played on electronics, they all will play “RoBlox” together, I played FortNite duos with the boys,…

…and from aboot a month ago… the Song-of-the-About-A-Month-Ago

The Hu – “Yuve Yuve Yu”  I like the combination of traditional instruments and rock, I like the lyrics,

other contenders

  • DJ Snake, Selena Gomez & Cardi B “Taki Taki” which sounds way better in my car, than on my phone or laptop.
  • The Hu “Wolf Totem
  • Nine Treasures “Wisdom Eyes” (this is a strong second place!)
  • and to be honest, even BabyMetal “Karate


Let me what else… I contacted my Senators & Rep to tell them “Trumps proposed border wall is a terrible idea, please vote against it.”

Other recently stuff

  • MrC told me, while crying “I’m the dumbest kid in my class.” I tried to cheer him up, I tried to tell him, you’re behind and that’s partially parents fault, but we can get caught up, I know you can, and school is a lot more fun, and a lot easier if you are caught up. A few days later, I came home late from school, depressed because I’m behind, and he happened to still be awake, smiling, giving me a hug, and cheering me up.
  • MsS wants to go to a horse camp. She is still interested in stories from when she was little at bedtime. She has a stuffed animal (Actually, many…but she recently gifted dozens of them, and narrowing down her collection.) the stuffed animal we call Evie. And for some reason I decided that Evie, like Groot (never watched movie, or read the comics) but Evie can only say her name. And she’s spaz at bedtime. The other night she bounced out into the snow.
  • MrG is missing basketball. A few times, when there’s not snow on the court, we will go and play, but he usually wants to leave when other kids his age show up. Today he was very distraught about his ability. He will be trying out for a spring select team, and I think he’s nervous.

Radio Ga-Ga

24 February, 2019

Last night MyBetterHalf and I left the childrens and went to local, very crowded, very warm, very narrow seats, theater to watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

I was alright.

Returned home, remembering one of my fav songs of when I was their age, and they watched the video for “Radio Ga-Ga”. I didn’t watch, I just listened. Most of my youth, I did not have MTV, so I listened to radio, and made mix-tapes of favorite songs, often waiting an hour for my song, and getting grumpy at DJ talking over it.


Lunar eclipse 2019

20 January, 2019

MyBetterHalf returned home from game night to remind us (we were in MrG’s room, also playing a board game) of the lunar eclipse. Yay, no clouds and we could see it from the front yard. We got to see about 2/3 covered to all the way covered and “red”…well, more orange/pink in parks and shadowy…very cool.

Also today:

Played basketball with the childrens, me & MrC -vs- MsS and MrG. There was plenty of laughter.

They helped make dinner. MsS mashed potatoes. MrC turkey & gravy, MrG banana bread.

MrC and I played a bit of piano this morning. MsS was trying to figure out melody of “happy birthday” on ukulele at bedtime. She was getting so frustrated, but we let her “make a good choice” on how late stay up, and she figured it out. I was proud of her.

MrG and MrC took turns playing FortNite w/ me… it was fun zapping zombies…I mean crushing cube-fiends…with my boys.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

15 December, 2018

we saw “Into the Spider-Verse” as a family today.

I loved the visuals, dialogue, music, the timing, and characters. Besides that it very good.

I highly recommend you see it on the big screen.

Me and the childrens each give it FIVE out of five starts.



24 November, 2018

MsS made a sausage & egg scramble for the family for breakfast. I added french toast, from Hawaiian rolls.

During the day, after their studies and chores, MyBetterHalf & MrG went to see “Ralph Breaks the Internet”.  I had purchased “Fortnite:Save the World” so MrC and I played around fighting zombies, I mean “husks”. MsS tried it for a bit, but mostly played RoBlox.

Dinner time, again I put the childrens to work

  • MsS made gravy
  • MrG made mashed potatoes
  • MrC made dressing

After dinner MrC, MsS and MyBetterHalf watched a HarryPotter movie. MrG watched YouTube videos about Fortnite. I tried to learn about airplane brake systems.


23 November, 2018

today was a nice day… I don’t know what I did, maybe it was my PJs… this morning the childrens did their reading, math, music (they tried to play “Twinkle Twinkle” together on their respective instruments), vocab, cleaned rooms, chores and laundry, with me just asking them to. Then they played on electronics.

They seem to like “RoBlox” these day. Which, seems to me like SimCity, but with worse graphics and more play options. Quotes I overheard… “Cuddles, Don’t eat yet. OK, Squeaky, can I help you cook?”

Since I don’t want them on computer all day, I made them go for a walk.

They played more electronics, I studied more.
They went for another walk & I went to the store.

I did a fair bit of study… MrG asked if I learned anything. Maybe.

MsS helped make mashed potatoes for dinner. MrG helped make gravy for dinner. (And MsS made herself a ham and cheese omlet for breakfast.)   I supervised the cooking.

MsC is sniffly nose and a cold.

Watched the AppleCup with MyBetterHalf.

Yay, WAZU Marching Band for playing UW fight song in place of the UW band who got in an accident on way to Pullman. We are thankful for you.

MrG and I chatted about NBA player who gets most money per minute of play. I couldn’t find a chart for that. But did find that Chris Bosh and Tim Duncan are still making some money this season off of their buyouts.



Pride & Prejudice

10 November, 2018
Just saw a HS production of “Pride & Prejudice”…don’t really think it’s my cup of tea.
Though I did appreciate the HS version implying that Mr Bingley was a dog. (Jane asks “who wants to go for a walk?” & Bingly bounces around.)
And they did fortnite dances at the ball scene.

And the crowd found it funny that Mary was a 6’2″ dude who coughed all the time and frightened everyone when entering the scene.

We took the childrens, they appeared to have enjoyed it.