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Mr Cuddles birthday

3 March, 2018

MrC celebrated his birthday at his gymnastics place.

It was great, after a week of mid-winter break, we were gonna tire them out and get them back on a normal sleep schedule. His two best friends, plus a few others were able to join.

The staff had them run an obstacle course, with crawling over, crawling under, crawling through, balance beam, parallel bars then jump into the pit of foam. Many times.

Then they bounced on a 15 yard long trampoline line, doing different hopes each time.

Then rope swing over, and drop into, the pit of foam blocks a couple times.

Then, all the kids got foam blocks, and threw them at MrC who was swinging over the pit, while they sang happy birthday to him.

Dinner, he picked the resturaunt.

Next day at school, me & MyBetterHalf served treats (healthy, well, at least the first ingredient listed was a whole grain, new nutrition rules to follow if we want to qualify for federal dollars at our school district. Which is good.)  MrC seemed subdued. Maybe because he had a sub, and things were going normal, or maybe because his class is rambunctious, and he wasn’t the total center of attention for a few minutes. I dunno. I felt a bit sad for the boy.



recently…like a few hours ago

28 January, 2018

today was a lazy morning Sunday.

The boys were playing Fifa on the xbox, and seeming to be enjoying each other. MsS, not allowed to play electronics, because she had her extra time last night when a friend was over late, and the boys had to go to bed on time. They were grumpy last night. It’s all fair and square today.

I spent some time w/ MrCuddles working on multiplication tables and reading.

We went to MrGrunty’s basketball game.

But, after dinner was teh best, the childrens kicked me out of my room, to have a “kids meeting”. Which involved singing, laughing, and trying to sneak past the parents who were reading in the living room, then scurrying away when caught. This went on for like 45 minutes. Then they were playing hide and seek. I don’t understand, I thought all the good places are known. But they were having fun. They asked me to play and I did. I got a little claustrophobic in one of my hiding spots. Fun was had.

Until bedtime.

Parents ruin all the fun, all the time.

recently Dec 2017

27 January, 2018

I think these stories are from last month…


MrG was asking aboot college, and study. I told him you should study 2 or 3 hours for each hour you spend in class. (Note to self!!! Once I find that time machine!)  We charted out a sample schedule for him. I played scenarios of his BFF wanting to “just go out for a burger” and how that easily can cut into your study time. And then another friend wants to see a movie. And sometimes, you study hard, and still mess up the exam. He tells me he wants to take Sundays off, just to relax. I said you could, but you have to build up the study on the other days of the week. We didn’t discuss sports or jobs.

MrC helped me bury a bird that we found in our flower bed. Pro’lly froze to death. (Which is why I think this was from December.) Later that day he helped me repair a chair with loose leg, and another chair where the seat had disconnected. Considering it’s a month later, and we’ve been using the chairs… I think we solved the problem.

Along the lines of solving a problem…took me way too long to get around to it…but I finally replaced the oven bake element. And, since it’s been about a month and we’ve cooked in the oven…I think I solved the problem.

MsS helped me build a hanger rack under her bed for her AmericanGirlDoll clothes. Then we need to adjust some hangers to make ’em smaller.

Today…which actually is from today… MyBetterHalf joined me in wrapping a heating duct in the crawl space. When we were done, I mentioned, “that will pro’lly save us a couple dollars a year in heating costs.” She wasn’t amused.


Seattle Women’s March 2.0

20 January, 2018

MyBetterHalf and I took the childrens to the Women’s March. They really didn’t want to go, but got ready in an alright fashion. We talked about why we are marching, one child said “because women are paid less then men”.

But…as marches go, (or maybe it’s just liberal marches that are disorganized, run late, no real plan, no one in the back can hear the speakers, not enough exits…this worries me for the 2018 elections), it was a lot of standing around, and it was cold (well, cold for Seattle) and a bit of drizzling (well, constant raining if you’re from other parts of the country), and they were bored, and hungry, and wanted to go home.

But it’s important to show up, in person, and say “I agree”.

debut concert(s)

18 January, 2018

MsS and MrG had their debut concerts with the school band and orchestra. (And it looks like about 25% of all fifth graders play the clarinet.)

MsS was very big smiles when she saw me sitting in the front row (MyBetterHalf got there first and saved me seat).

MrG, he had on his game face, but would sometimes smile while talking with his soccer buddies in the viola section before the concert.

MrC basically hung out with his BFF and ignored the concert.


12 January, 2018

tonight, my wonderful roommate from the long-long ago visited

Me, MyBetterHalf & ex-roommate watched “Bright” the Will Smith fantasy-buddy-cop movie

It was entertaining and fun

If you hear the phrase “We’re not in a prophecy, we’re in a stolen Toyota Corolla” and think, yeah, that sounds like a phrase I want to hear in a movie, I recommend. If that sounds just too cheezy, well, you’re right.


6 January, 2018

MrG and I cleaned his room,…we played a bit of “basketball” with the tiny over the door hoop his brother got him for Xmas.

I took MrC and his BFF to HomeDespot for a kids workshop. They are getting better, doing all the hammering, reading instructions, pulling crooked nails. I just helped stead the projects a bit.

MsS and her BFF hung out, then went to a smile event for GirlScouts.

The family took down the Xmas trees tonight.


1 January, 2018

Well, after going to a party for a bit last night, MrG went straight to sleep. MsS and MrC stayed up to watch the countdown.

Today, forced MrG to go to soccer field and kick the ball around because he was being grumpy. Trying to tell him, a) take that negative energy and use it for big kicks, b) use dribbling and juggling to say “I am in control of this”.

Later, MsS & MrC wanted to ride bikes at the park, so back I went.

I gave the boys haircuts. MrG hates his. And spent the evening hiding.

Me, MyBetterHalf, MrC and MsS played Apples-to-Apples.

Later, watched “50 best clutch shots” from 2017 NBA with Mr. G.



3 December, 2017

yesterday… after a bit of weeping and gnashing of teeth, MrC and I spent the day working on his room. After the weeping and gnashing, all went pretty good and we had some good times. We delivered a ThomasTheTrain set, that we as a family had years of fun using, to MrC’s BFF’s little sister. Hope she likes it. And more likely than not, MrC will play with the trains more, now that it’s at his BFFs house.

Got a package of GROO comics that my brother pilfered from me thirty years ago.

Last night… I love the zen of my family for Christmas tree shopping. Or maybe it is faith. Or maybe it’s we realize Charlie Brown’s tree was awesome because of love, and we have love, so whatever tree we pick will be great. MrC REALLY wanted to decorate last night. But it was soaked.

This morning, we were tired and skipped church. So we decorated the Christmas tree. MrC then decorated his room. (We had to coax the ten year olds to join us, “just hang ten ornaments on the tree please.)

Today, MsS had GirlScouts, MrC went to his BFF, MrG had a soccer game.

Tonight, whilst MyBetterHalf had bookclub, me and the childrens had a snowball fight in MrC room. Teams of two. One team on the bunkbed, the other on the floor. Mostly hiding behind pillows, no charging into no-man’s-land. MsS got me twice. No fair, she smiled at me, and was so cute, I smiled, then she pegged me in the chest. The other time, only my foot was out of cover.

After that, I left to read, and the three of them kept having rambunctious fun. Loud singing. Dancing. Stuff crashing. Laughing.  Times like this make me happy that I said “no more electronics tonight” and then was strong during the weeping and gnashing of teeth.




8 October, 2017

MrC & MrG had soccer games, at different times, even.

MrG went to a b-day party (they played soccer) and then to Husky football with his mommy. So…what to do… I called up MsS-BFF and MrC-BFF, they were available, so I took them bowling. Then they asked for a sleepover, sure, why not.  (The childrens were helpful at getting chores done right after soccer, so I was in a good mood!)  They played, I joined them for a game of Apples-to-Apples.

Mostly things went well at bedtime, …except, MrC woke with a bloody nose. Twice.

I taught Bible class to elementary kids (and a few younger). About manna.

Went back to Bob’s Pumpkin patch…did the big corn maze. And I decided, I’m just gonna follow MrG. After a bit a few other did too, from our group. One mom said, “I’m counting on you to get us out of here.” And he did. With a little smile on his face.

Mexican food for dinner.

Then a soccer club board meeting.