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Seattle Women’s March 2.0

20 January, 2018

MyBetterHalf and I took the childrens to the Women’s March. They really didn’t want to go, but got ready in an alright fashion. We talked about why we are marching, one child said “because women are paid less then men”.

But…as marches go, (or maybe it’s just liberal marches that are disorganized, run late, no real plan, no one in the back can hear the speakers, not enough exits…this worries me for the 2018 elections), it was a lot of standing around, and it was cold (well, cold for Seattle) and a bit of drizzling (well, constant raining if you’re from other parts of the country), and they were bored, and hungry, and wanted to go home.

But it’s important to show up, in person, and say “I agree”.


Between Shades of Gray

28 June, 2017

Ruta Sepetys’s Between Shades of Gray

“When the rest of the world finds out what the Soviets are doing, they will put an end to all of this.”  

A story of a young girl, trying to survive, during WW2, when the Soviets sent her and her family to Siberia. I’m glad I read it. It is a good read, a quick read. I am also glad that I read while the sun was shining, and not during the gloom of winter.

I recommend.




voting for Secretary Clinton

8 November, 2016

I’m voting for Secretary Clinton today, because I want to send a message:

  • Yes to NATO
  • Yes to trade negotiations
  • Yes for a woman’s right to choose
  • Yes to addressing climate change

I am amazed that Donald is her opponent. Skipping the personal reasons against him, going on his policy suggestions (which seem to change frequently)

  • I am against his proposed “extreme vetting of Muslims”
  • I am against his proposed “ten foot wall”
  • No, there should not be “some form of punishment” for women who have had an abortion
  • Saying a Judge is not qualified because of where his parents were born is wrong
  • “Keep the oil” it wrong
  • I am against torture, and targeting families of suspected terrorists
  • I am against nuclear proliferation


really – again

2 August, 2016

…and evidently MrTrump is threatening to leave the WTO.

For the record, I think the USA belong to the WTO is good.

The Devil’s Highway

1 August, 2016

I recommend Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway.

Focuses on the story of a group of men who attempted to cross Southern Arizona to help their families have a better life. The history of normal people, doing normal things, and it tragically goes wrong.

Urrea is a good writer, it was a quick and easy read. I loved the descriptions of the desert, liked the descriptions of the stages of heat stroke.

One very interesting thing for me… crossing the border “illegally” is not a felony, or even a gross-misdemeanor.


22 July, 2016

the Republican nominee for Leader of the Free World is threatening to not uphold our treaty obligations to NATO.

Don’t know.


I’m surprised the GOP is leaning this way. They don’t consider Russia a strategic threat? They weren’t invited to the annual Lithuanian Culture Night? They want to turn the US Military into a profit-making enterprise? Why the switch, Republicans? Why all the sudden want to go back on a very successful partnership?

Here’s what I’m thinking…  Trump never played a fair game of RISK or chess* as a kid. That he “won” because he was the spoiled rich brat. Because a rudimentary knowledge of strategic games would show, if you are gonna fight, best to do it some place else. Especially away from your industrial complexes.

yeah…yeah…sure… they don’t spend the proper amount of cash on their military.

But, as one small example, a benefit of belonging to NATO… I am not worried about sneak attacks from the North, because we have Canada covered. I’m not worried about sneak attacks from East, because we have that covered. From North and East, any attacker would lose surprise, and would have to count the cost of fighting through thousands of miles before they even reach America.  (How’s that supply train, bad-guys?)   [And South Korea, Japan Australia… protecting our West.]

Here’s my suggestion, next time you nominate a game show host to be the President of the United States, how about one that has categories such as “History”  and “Geography”, so you won’t be so ignorant.

*I can just see the chess games that he played… “I don’t care about my pawns, they are worthless and weak”

**Risk…”why do I care about Kamchatka?”

*** Axis & Allies “Yakut is only worth one, who cares.”

Immigration Wars

21 July, 2016

just finished Immigration Wars by Jeb Bush & Clint Bolick.

Basic premise: we need immigration reform.

People sneak in, because they love their families, they want what’s best for their families, and because it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to “wait in line”. The authors say we need more immigrants, both in high tech fields and in not-so-glamorous fields like agriculture, and we need to quickly and flexibly be able to let in the workers we need. We need to make the process easy, so people can do the right thing. (Evidently there is an industry of immigration law, because the law is too complex to understand and follow.)

They suggest changing current system, which allows relatives to sponsor immigration, instead limiting sponsors to parents and children.

Post script, a letter to his fellow Republicans, (back in 2013), which is basically “hey Republicans, thousands of American citizen, whose parents immigrated here, become voters every day. Maybe we shouldn’t insult their parents.”

It was a nice read, well written and thought out, and I wish we could have an intelligent dialog about immigration instead of short hysterics, insults and shouting matches.

(Side note: for me one of the great things about the Republican Presidential Candidate debates was having Senator Rubio and Senator Cruz argue in Spanish on national tv.)




I’m with Her

20 July, 2016

I try to avoid it, I try to say, “not my circus, not my monkeys”…but politics…

I see one reason why people follow sports religiously, something to argue about, and the results don’t matter.


  • Threatening to leave NATO will not make America safer.
  • Sabre rattling against our Southern neighbor is not helpful.
  • A trade war with China would be disastrous to the economy.

So I will be voting Hillary Clinton for President 2016.


poop on a stick

19 July, 2016

lost in the noise I saw this tiny tidbit…

ISIS claims responsibility for German train attack.

Wow, that can be devastating, trains are really important to transportation infrastructure…oh, a passenger train. Well, OK, still scary, I mean you have all those people in one place a bomb or a gun could kill a lot… just injuries? Really… why is that… because they used an ax?  What the … who promoted a 13 year old DungeonMaster to a leadership role in ISIS?  C’mon, I want to be afraid for my civilization… not joking about Orcs-on-a-train.

Really this is the best you can do, ISIS?
This is what is threatening to defeat America, a dude with an ax?

OK… I get it… you go to war with the weapons you have,…but if all you have is an ax, and your target is a train… what about using that ax to chop up some rail-ties and try to derail the train?

This just in… I hear that ISIS is now training their fighters in the use of pointy sticks with poo on them. “We now have acquired weapons that the infidels can not detect with their metal detectors!”

Update from CIA… “The Central Intelligence Agency is reaching out to the tech community, asking for suggestions on how to detect poop.”   Assistant Director Reek knows a solution to Operation We Are Fighting Terror (WAFT) will be sniffed out.

Republican candidate says: “Clearly we are at a disadvantage of having poop on sticks against our enemies. This administration has let us become weak, and our enemies will take advantage. We must increase our defense budget. Our soldiers need the most advanced poop.”

Democratic candidate says: “What we need to do is make sure that every person who buys a battle ax has a thorough background check and is properly vetted. I understand, I like chopping things just as much as the next guy, for example, I chopped celery for my tofu-salad just the other day.”


18 March, 2016

I swear…every time I try to start over, to get a good habit going (like, say, blogging every day in March), I wake up in the morning wrapped in toilet paper with “frozen fractals” of CheetoDust(tm) all over my face.

Or…even worse…TheFacebook.

…recently… one of my friends from my childhood called me, on TheFacebook – so you know it’s true, and I quote, “a liberal socialist”. Why would someone want to say such a hurtful thing to me? I dunno.

Here’s the thing, my childhood friend posted something aboot…

“125 years ago you didn’t have to ask permission from the Government to: Go fishing, collect rain water, use a transportation vehicle, build a home or renovate it. You didn’t have to ask permission and pay to be married, obtain licenses, certifications or permits to hunt, own a weapon, become a carpenter or any trade or profession. You didn’t have ask permission to protest or redress the Government, or sell a product or have your income illegally taxed by the 16th Amendment which which [sic] was never ratified ! You can virtually do “NOTHING” without being extorted by Government & obtaining their permission first. If you still think your [sic] “FREE” your [sic] deluding yourself. You live in an open air prison as free range humans thoroughly manipulated and controlled by the illusion of a free society.”

And all I did was to respond with “ahhhh… the ‘good old days’, when women couldn’t vote, when Jim Crow laws kept blacks in inferior social and economic standing, when poor Southerners got pellagra, when homosexuality was a crime, where lynching was common, when snake oil could be sold as medicine…Freedom.”

So there’s a couple options for me to do… follow the advice of Queen Elsa and “Let it go”. Or I could try to figure out what my friend meant.

Sigh… you know me, when I got a stick in my hand, and a sleeping bear in front of me…I gotta poke the bear.

“…the cold never bothered me anyway.”