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Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret

1 May, 2019

MsS quickly read Ms Judy Blume’s classic “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret” and suggested it to me.

Totally my cup of tea, kid writing letters to God. And Margaret seems delightful. But, not really a fun read for me.

Did chat with MsS about a few parts of it. So that’s good.


The Thing About Jellyfish

9 February, 2019

I highly recommend The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin.

MsSqueaky read it, and wanted me to read it. The introduction, she had just gone to bed, so I went in and said “I’m hooked.” The first chapter, nice, I’m sure she wasn’t sleeping yet, so went to tell her “I’m really liking it so far”.

I really enjoyed it. I loved learning new things about jellyfish, I liked how sections were started with a “how to do a science report”, I loved the main character and her voice and the choices she made were totally in character, I liked the conflict with others, not because anyone was bad, but just different. I wish I had a science teacher like the one in the book. I hope I can be as awesome as the parents. I like how the story was born of a rejected magazine article, LOL. And…I’m glad I don’t have to go back to middle school ever again.

MsS and I chatted about the book today while walking in the snow.

A few quotes, just to give a hint of the flavor of the book, and I’m just flipping pages, I don’t have a favorite passage, but in no particular order, here are some examples of the text.

“Thank you, might Thor,” he said, “for showing us your seminal receptacles.”

I whipped around, the hiss already coming out of me. “Just go, Mom. I don’t. Want. You. Here.”

If I wanted to pass seventh-grade science, I was going to have to speak out loud.


Akata Witch

6 February, 2019

Akata WitchNnedi Okorafor

Your standard kid discovers they have powers, teams up with other kids and fights the big bad.  Like Buffy, HarryPotter, the Xmen,…

Started slow.

Good, but I wanted more of her descriptions of Africa and her magic system.

Great finale.

Shade’s Children

5 December, 2018

Shade’s Children, by Garth Nix.

It was alright, quick, entertainment.

I’m Just Me – by M.G. Higgins

29 September, 2018

story of two girls getting bullied in High School.

One is Muslim.

One is black.

They are both good at calculus. The met riding the school bus.



7 September, 2018

MyBetterHalf started a family book club (her third book club)… It is weird because it’s a book club where people actually read the book, and don’t hang out in a bar. LOL! (Hi, sweetie, thanxies for reading GBAtT)

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate.

I like how it deals with big topics, being homeless. Two pieces of bad luck, and the family is seriously poor. I do not envy the family, it appears, even though they got a bit of good news to end the story…they still are living precariously, paycheck-to-paycheck, and it doesn’t help the father is too proud to ask for help. I like the attitude of the main character, he likes facts, which doesn’t go well with him having an imaginary friend, and even in his bad situation, he realizes other kids have it worse.

Ms Applegate wrote One And Only Ivan, which I also enjoyed.

Family Life – Akhil Sharma

21 July, 2018

this book is very life like: as in meandering, without a plot, and chaotic. Filled with sections of boring, descriptions of the mundane, and inconsistent characters.

  • kid has conversations with god…could be interesting, but only lasted a few pages
  • kid has first girl friend…could be interesting, but only lasted a few pages
  • dad becomes alcoholic…and a few pages later has recovered
  • Last two pages…. and I quote, because there are no spoilers in a story without a plot: “I didn’t know Hema well, but I took her to a resort in Mexico….The happiness was almost heavy. That was when I knew I had a problem.”
  • That’s it. The whole book is about unhappy life, because his family is dealing with living in a new country. AND his family is living with oldest son tragically brain damaged suddenly. But we end the book by protagonist suddenly becoming happy.

I don’t get it – Akhil Sharma is a professor of creative writing.

I don’t get it – evidently NYT Book Review listed this as top ten books of 2014.

SIDE NOTE: I hear by give permission to MyBetterHalf and MyChildrens to allow me to die if I am in a brain damaged coma and cannot respond.

Wolf Hollow

8 July, 2018

…and when MyBetterHalf and the childrens were away for the Fourth of July, I read “Wolf Hollow” By Lauren E. Wolk.

It was a quick, good read.

I’m hoping one of my childrens will read it, and we can chat.

The People of Sparks – Jeanne DuPrau

19 February, 2018

well… MrG said he wanted to read the next book after City of Ember… and, well, I finished it off in a few days.

Fun read.

Weird thing… the book, from 2004, dealing with the question “what should we do with refugees?” still seems relevant today. I liked how both sides, had pretty valid common sense points of “we need to keep our people safe”.

And remember kids, in agriculture, you have good years, and you have bad years.

Out Of My Mind – Sharon M Draper

13 February, 2018

Out Of My Mind by Sharon M Draper.

MsS and MrG both read and liked this book. I liked it too. The parents were completely true, making parenting mistakes, yelling at kids for the wrong reasons. The kids were realistic. Maybe that’s the sad part of the story of Melody, the main character who can not talk, is how realistic everyone is in their interactions with her.