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NBA draft

3 June, 2019

LOL… this is slightly old news…but.. 

Before the lottery drawing:

  • Knickerbockers “So, we’ll get the #1 pick, and trade that to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis”
  • Me: “Zion seems a decent kid, please God don’t let him get stuck on a disfunctional laughing stock soul crushing happiness ruining franchise like the Knickerbockers.


  • Pelicans get the #1 pick.
  • Me: LOL!!!





Raptors v Warriors game 2

2 June, 2019

well… Siakam and VanVleet have regressed to mean.

AND don’t let the Warriors go on a 18-0 run in the third quarter.

MrG was not happy watching the game.

Raptors -v- Warriors

1 June, 2019

Game #1 …my recap:

I’m slightly rooting for Raptors. But like a minute left, they were up by ten, and I was a bit nervous, because ten-to-zero run in sixty seconds is totally realistic for the Warriors.


·         Leonard – had an alright game. There were moments when I was sure the ball was about to go out of bounds, but Kawai’s “Claw” grabbed the ball.  (Nike made a Claw logo, looks cool, but then Kawai switched to New Balance.)

·         Danny Green – had an alright game, knocked down a couple threes, played some decent defense.

·         Siakam – lanky, tall, moves well, HUSTLES had a monster game.

·         VanVleet – short, undrafted, pestered Curry into “poor” shooting.

·         Lowry – point guard, evidently has taken more charges than anyone this season.


·         Durrant – did not play (injury a couple weeks ago)

·         Curry – “off” night   (44% from three point)

·         Thompson – got frustrated at a call, threw ball back at the ref, but ref didn’t see, and was T-ed up for hitting ref in the back with a ball.

·         Draymond Green – triple double  (his fifth of the playoffs)


·         To troll Steph Curry, Drake wore Dell Curry’s Toronto Raptors jersey.

·         BTW… Drake also used an armband to cover up his Steph Curry tattoo. They’re buddies in real life.

·         After the game, Drake & Steph had “words”. Drake picked piece of lint out of Steph’s hair, and then put it on sale at eBay, under the user name “DRAYMONDSHOULDNTWEAR23”.

…and that’s my report from a fun game.

NBA – first name last name

1 December, 2018

A good team of players whose last name can also be a first name:

  • LeBron JAMES
  • Chris PAUL
  • Kawhi LEONARD
  • Tyson CHANDLER
  • Paul GEORGE

This method is not fool proof, … imagine if I added Carmelo ANTHONY or Dwight HOWARD to the team.


spurs – warriors game 2

16 April, 2018

MyBetterHalf and I watched a bit of the second half. I kept thinking, it’s close, Spurs would be winning if Kawhi Leonard was healthy.  Wait for it.  And it would be a Warriors blow out if Steph Curry was healthy.


Russell Westbrook MVP

8 April, 2017

Hey Sports Fans,

all I gotta say is Mr. Russell “Triple Double” Westbrook is this year’s NBA Most Valuable Player.


Kyrie and the Flat Earth

20 February, 2017

Hey SportsFans…evidently Kyrie Irving said he believes the earth is flat at an NBA All-Star press conference. OK…lemme see… uh… this is the best explanation for Kyrie’s Flat Earth:

LeBron: “Hey Kyrie”
Kyrie: “Yes boss”
LeBron: “You know how the media is, and how they are gonna keep hounding us about Kevin’s knee?”
Kyrie: “Yes sir”
LeBron: “That could get to be a distraction to the team”
Kyrie: “But he is injured…”
LeBron: “I need you to set a screen. Let the media talk about something else for a while”
Kyrie: “Like what?”
LeBron: “Be creative, didn’t they teach you that in college?”
Kyrie: “Well, I guess…”
LeBron: “Kyrie, and remember what our goal is”
Kyrie: “To win you a champion….”
[LeBron clears his throat.}
Kyrie, hurriedly, “…I mean, we are here to bring a championship to the great people of Cleveland.”
[LeBron smiles]
Kyrie, “Thank you for this opportunity, Sir. Please don’t trade me to Minnesota.”




LeBron: “Kyrie”
Kyrie: “Yes Sir?”
LeBron: “For real?”
Kyrie: “I did what you said.”
LeBron: “I need my point guard to be intelligent.”
Kyrie: “But…what could I have…”
LeBron: “Punched a mascot, like Rodman. Spilled a soda on the floor, like Kidd. Claim to have slept with 10,000 women, like Wilt. Bitched about the refs, like Cuban…”
Kyrie: “But if I complain about the refs, they might fine me a couple thousand dollars…”
LeBron, shaking his head, calls out: “Yo Kev, what’s the Winter heating costs in Minnesota?”
Kevin Love: “Please don’t send me back there! I’ll be fine by the second round of the playoffs. I promise. I’ll come back like Mr Reed did in ’70.”
Kyrie: “who’s Reed?”
LeBron, glowering at Kyrie: “Read. A. Book.”
LeBron turning to Kevin: “You played with Westbrook at UCLA, what do you think?”
KevinLove: “Sir, I don’t think Westbrook would fit in with the Cleveland system. If I may, Sir. How difficult is it to be a point guard in the Cleveland System? The density of your play warps space time to make it easier to get assists, by passing to you, or have an open three because you’re double teamed. And…”
LeBron: “You just make that up? That space-time thing?”
KevinLove: “No sir, been think about it a while. I was reading books, like you told me to, and I was reading Stephen Hawking, and…”
LeBron: “It’s stupid.”
KevinLove: “I’ll never mention it again. I forgot, this team is not about any one player. We are here to win a championship for the wonderful city of Cleveland.”
KevinLove, thinking: [So glad I didn’t say it at a press conference.]

Basketball games

27 December, 2014

My Father-in-law is too kind to me, and had NBA games on the main TV all Christmas Day.

  • Wizards – Knicks…. Oh the mess that is the NY Knickerbockers. Why did Phil Jackson that the job as president ? Did he look at the roster, did he notice the bloated payroll? Why did he pick a rookie coach?
  • Thunder – Spurs…. Spurs missing Kawhi, Thundering missing Durant.
  • Cavs – Heat … Caves are still getting to know each other, while Heat have basically been together four years. What? Bosh didn’t play. Hmmm…Heat still pretty good.
  • Lakers – Bulls… Kobe sat out, because “I’m old “. Team did alright… Well, not really.
  • Warriors – Clippers….Father In Law joked, five years ago who would’ve thought we would want to see these two teams. This was a fun game to watch. MsS asked who I wanted to win. I huts wanted a close game…it was until the end.

Boxing Day

Rockets v Grizzlies… MrG’s favorite team is the Rockets, because James Harden is his favorite player. I’m partial to Griz, because I like Zebo and Gasol.  But Josh Smith… Talented, not thriving with previous team, maybe he’ll work out for Rockets. I hope so.

NBA All Star Game 2015

26 December, 2014

Tonight, MrGrunty was excited to learn that he can vote for the NBA All-Stars.

he voted for

  • James Harden, his favorite player
  • Josh Smith, just added to Houston Rockets
  • Dwight Howard…Rockets
  • Damian Lillard…not sure why
  • Russel Westbrook …his second favorite player

Rondo part 2

22 December, 2014

I am happy for Mr Rajon Rondo being traded to Dallas. I predict that using this seasons stats, comparing before and after the trade…

Rondo’s shooting percent will increase.
Dallas’ defense will improve.