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8 April, 2018

First, Happy Easter to those in the East.  ( A friend from work is celebrating this weekend.)


  • MsS had GirlScouts with rock climbing, then worked on her moldy science experiment
  • MrG had his soccer game – I was ref for a half
  • MrC visited BFF-Emma
  • took the boys to library, and got diverted to a 3D ride for them at the mall.
  • watched WalkingDead with MyBetterHalf while Sophie-kitty rested on me
  • Oliver started the day, throwing up the flowers he ate while we slept

Last year’s resolutions

1 January, 2012

well… not so good for accomplishing my goals in 2011.

I wanted to read 30 books, but only read 26. Which is a personal best, and two more than the year before. Hat’s  off to MyBetterHalf who read a personal best of 75 books last year.  We tried to have our own little book club of reading a “classic” a month. Well, the stoopid “Tale of Two Cities” is what I blame for getting me behind. And “20,000 leagues” sure was slow too. We have discussed reading a couple of history books this year. I look forward to that.

I wanted to write 303 words per day average. Did so in Winter, and then slowly slacked off.

I wanted to blog in GBAtT 3 times a week for my half-dozen loyal readers. Sorry I let y’all down. …uh…I blame…yeah, the NBA owners and their stoopid lockout. That emotional stress demotivated me to write brilliant prose about sports.

I wanted to go back to school. Well, two things, we’re broke, I’m lazy, I don’t feel I have the stability to study. Yes, those are all lame excuses, I know. Yes, I know people who work harder than me at work, and still manage to get a degree in their spare time from fighting crime.

…I know…it all comes down to a Nike slogan, doesn’t it, “just do it”


15 September, 2009

I have so many brilliant idears (yes, “eye-dee-er-zzz”) for blog post…but…well, ya know.

So today I’m gonna get some stuff off the blog-brain-queue.

  • Guilt, I feel bad for recycling some of the toddlers art work. But I know it must be done. I do have a couple of their pictures hanging up at work. I tell people it’s no Kandinsky, but it’s better than JacksonPollock.
  • Me & MyBetterHalf saw District Nine on our date night. I enjoyed it the date, and the movie. I feel I would be like
  • Last night, me, Mr Grunty & Miss Squeaky went out to pick green beans. We got enuff for a serving. Miss S is very good at picking berries, and beans. Mr G is a bit more hesitant, maybe he doesn’t want to break the plant. After I sauteed them, the toddlers were happy  to snack with me. I’m told they were “nummy”.
  • Last Sunday, MyBetterHalf gave the kitties a bath.
  • Remember, Kanye warned us “We rappers … we rap we don’t think”.
  • I’ll predict now, neither Lakers, Celtics, nor Cavs will win the NBA championship in 2010.

things that make me laugh

8 September, 2009

maybe, I just should go to sleep now, but I have a novel to write…which explains perfectly, why at 23:00 I am web surfing.

things that amuse me tonight

Electrical circuit runs entirely off power in trees“…great, next stop, some idiot decides that plants have feeling too. Oh, wait, already happened. Please people, for the love of all that is good, do not read the UW article to Stevie Wonder. More bad things could happen.  (Sorry Moonbeam, hope this doesn’t bring back too many bad memories.)

AND … to my smilingness …Order of the Stick returns.

Current episode “There’s more than one way to fail a listen check“. Remember, “once you go scaly, you’ll be back daily.”

2009 New Year’s resolutions

10 January, 2009

Hey Sportsfans, first a recap of my 2008 resolutions. Mostly, I didn’t accomplish. Oh well. And seriously, couldn’t go running four times in 2008, that’s just embarrassing.

As for accenting the positive.

  • I did average blogging 3 days a week.
  • I am happy that I read 20 books in 2008.
  • I am happy that I averaged about 249 words a day in either story or blogging or essay.

2009 resolutions

I am gonna try and keep it simple, and accomplishable, and few

  1. Blog three days a week on average.
  2. Writing daily average word count ≥ 10e.                                                          (that’s 271.82818284…words a day)
  3. Read 24 books.
  4. finish the last four books I started in Dec 2008.

Naturally, I’m behind in most of these already.


19 December, 2008

I heart the snow. It makes everything pretty. And I get to pretend to be in survival mode for a bit because, well, in Seattle, we really don’t know how to deal with snow. Sure, y’all can mock and laugh. But we don’t get much chance to practice snow skills.  Maybe that’s one reason why houses are so expensive around here, everyone from more inhospitable climes got tired of deadly cold winters, or deathly hot summers. (I got no explanation for NYC or Chicago, they got cold, hot & expensive.) They gonna feel silly when the big earthquake hits, sometime within the next 500 seconds or years.

But, before you mock too much, Seattle only has 21 snow plow trucks that have to first clear 617 miles of such primary arterials, then 914 miles of secondary arterials. (I don’t think they care about side streets.) Doing the math, ~73 miles per truck. Oh, that don’t seem bad. Hmm…what’s our deal?

Anywho…last night, I went for a little walk through the local TwinPondsPark, because it’s fun.

tonight…had to use the theory of catch next bus that gets you close…ending up riding 3 different buses, and walking about between each. I was a bit tired getting home.

Luckily for me, MrGrunty knew what to do to warm me up. We played the crawling game!

Well, rumor has wind storm on the way. So I should start using the electricity for cooking and cleaning whilst we still have it. Luckily we haven’t been hit by an earthquake in the past 500 seconds.

an experiment

4 August, 2004

So, if you put a raw egg in hot coals, the egg will cook. If an egg cooks too quickly, the egg will explode. If hot coals are close the the exploding egg, they will be blown out of the BBQ onto the deck. Wood stain is not heat resistant.

….I am soooo much luckier than I deserve.

Also, right after bragging about how smart I am for inventing “Toasted Marshmellow Basket 2000” ™, I leaned my leg up against the HOT BBQ grill.

….seriously, I soooo much luckier than I deserve.
I am reminded again on why I have been hit twice by cars, while I was crossing the road.

I was wrong & song of the day

19 July, 2004

I’ll admit it. I thought having blog, and putting up an entry every week would be easy. Hmm…guess not.
so…hat’s off to “Krusty & Otto”, they keep up the good work.

The other day at work, I was lucky enough to be listening to one of my not-bosses’s satilite radio, and heard the classic “Got the Time” by Anthrax. It was actually a moment to smile at work.
see also “No time this time” -the Police
“Time” -Pink Floyd