9 April, 2018

me & MrCuddles made ricekrispy treats




8 April, 2018

First, Happy Easter to those in the East.  ( A friend from work is celebrating this weekend.)


  • MsS had GirlScouts with rock climbing, then worked on her moldy science experiment
  • MrG had his soccer game – I was ref for a half
  • MrC visited BFF-Emma
  • took the boys to library, and got diverted to a 3D ride for them at the mall.
  • watched WalkingDead with MyBetterHalf while Sophie-kitty rested on me
  • Oliver started the day, throwing up the flowers he ate while we slept


7 April, 2018

we forced the childrens to go see “Little Shop of Horrors” tonight at the local HS.


6 April, 2018

MsSqueaky and MrGrunty put on a play for me, MyBetterHalf, and Sophie-kitty.

MrGrunty was at basketball practice.

I suspect Oliver was sleeping on “his” (MsS’s) bed.

…after 2AM…

5 April, 2018

When I was younger, I heard the sage advice “just go home, nothing good ever happens after 2 in the morning.”

Well…now a days I think I’ll have to modify that to “just to to bed, nothing good ever happens past 10pm.”


4 April, 2018

it was a nice day, as long as you weren’t a grumpy ten year old…sigh.

Anyway…after a day of work, I asked MrCuddles to cheer me up, and he skipped and giggled, and went to my bed to snuggle under the electric blanket and read to me “A Worm’s Diary”.

My Sis-in-Law post a video, basically says “when you get on a roller coaster, they strap you in, immediately you check the harness to make sure you are secure. That’s what teens do.”

A friend told me recently, “it get better…well, it’ll get worse first, but then better”.



TV on the bus

3 April, 2018

I was reminded of this story today, because I co-worker was planning on taking home a bulky item by bus.

Once upon a time, when MyBetterHalf was my girlfriend, and we were poor, and living in different cities, and she wanted a new TV. So I helped. I learned, there is a difference between being able to pick something up, and being comfortable walking to the bus stop with it, holding it on your lap on a crowded bus, and then walking home with it. And this is back in the day when TVs were about as deep as they were tall, not all skinny like they are today.


Easter 2018

2 April, 2018

Did not sleep well Saturday night, for which I blame MyBetterHalf, since she was out of town. MsSqueaky woke me up around 8, very anxious for me to wake the boys so they could search for their Easter baskets. (The one for parents was in plain sight.) She already spied a few eggs, but left them in place.  (Sometimes I wonder if she’s my kid, I would have devoured my parents chocolate by 6AM!)

After finding the baskets, (MrGrunty didn’t participate too much), the childrens had breakfast, then a few chocolates, and then spent the morning playing together. They have plans to make a restaurant, and wanted me to get the food they need, so they can cook parents dinner! It was such music to my ears for them playing and planning together, that I decided to skip a crowded church service.

After lunch, they quickly did chores, math, music, reading… and I fell asleep on the sofa, only to be woke by MrG & MrC dancing and yelling that the Mariners were winning.

MyBetterHalf returned. She and I watched WalkingDead. MrC and I made dinner and banana bread.


Maundy Thursday – (Still not sure what the Maundy means) MyBetterHalf took them to school, and then went to Spokane to visit her grandma. I got home early, we did our homework & chores, MrG chose “eat at home” for dinner, because he didn’t want to go out, and then we had a quick game of Apples-to-Apples.

Good Friday – MyBetterHalf spent most of the day with her grandma. We usually let them have electronics, for most of the evening on Friday nights. We figure, work hard during the week, and relax on Friday night. Usually by bedtime, and this was no exception, they are grumpy because too much screen time. May have to rethink and adjust. MsS chose Sherri’s for dinner.

Saturday – MyBetterHalf’s grandma passed away.  Me & MrC looked at the library search site, finding lists of books in his Lexile level, (he’s behind) available at the local library, and that he thought looked good, and then went and got seven of them. The goal, he reads one of those a day to a parent. And parents read more advanced books to him (Like “City” by David Macaulay). The childrens are supposed to do chores, math, music & reading, clean room… but MsS and MrCuddles played together with his cars, and papers, and crafting from 9am until 11am. So when time for the party, at 2pm, MrC’s friend Theo, and MsS is friends with the older sister Liz..I took them home (MrC chose Arbies for lunch), and they had to finish their chores. MrG and Matthew worked on their science project – what is optimal angle for maximum range for a “nerf” crossbow. We made some adjustments, to get a steadier launch angle. After the trial runs, the boys stayed and played football with some neighborhood kids. Dinner time at Matthew’s, when I showed up, MrG and M were playing one-on-one basketball in a covered parking spot. (Small court!) We played some Apples to Apples (the cute toddler was on my team), after delicious Eritrean dinner the childrens played outside until to dark, and we parents chatted about our kids. (Hey, what do you know, kids are basically the same. But with huge variation. )

2017 Best American Mystery Stories

1 April, 2018

MyBetterHalf got me 2017 Best American Mystery Stories, John Sandford ed., for Christmas.

I enjoyed reading it. (I was thinking “Mystery” are “who-done-it”…but more accurately stories about crime, from either cop, crook, or victim perspective.)

Most were good. A few were very good.

One of them, and I’m glad I was reading it yesterday, while a sun was coming up – not at night, scared me. It was aboot a dad, with a baby in the back seat of a car, and well, it’s a book about crime so that was the first clue to be scared, but William R Soldan did a great job of writing, I was afraid for the baby.


4 March, 2018

MsS spent most of the day GirlScouting… but before she left home, she taught herself how to boil and egg. She was happy to have it for dinner, after it cooled down.

MrG and MrC had to hang out, and I wouldn’t let them have electronics, so after complaining… they decided to have a fashion show (wearing their sister’s clothes), play tackle football (until MrC did a face-plant on the floor).

MrG had his basketball game, and his siblings played with a tennis ball on the outside basketball court.

MrC and I messed around with digital effects for electric guitar.

MrBetterHalf and I watched the Walking Dead.