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Dear Mr Cameron

22 December, 2009


I am told there are thousands of languages on earth that are in the process of going extinct. Might I suggest, to you and your ultra-rich colleagues, that next time you need a different language, instead of hiring someone to make one up, why don’t you use a real language that is rare, and going extinct.

UNESCO has a list of 429 languages that have between 1000 – 5000 speakers. That way, Hollywood would be preserving actual cultures, as opposed to homogenizing everything.

How freaking awesome would it be to have nerds going around attempting to speak Koryak, instead of Klingon, Na’vi or Esperanto?  Although, maybe in today’s day-n-age, people prefer to pretend to do something (GuitarHero, RealDoll, Sims, chess,… ) than actually do it.

I know, the special effects be they makeup, digital, or linguistic are there to serve the story. But, my follow up question, and I do not know because I’ve seen neither film, but I have heard that your Avatar has the same plot as Fern Gully, it this true? And nothing wrong with reusing a plot. I hear Shakespeare did it all the time.