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week in review

1 August, 2020

we went camping on Orcas Island.

Friends brought a pair of kayaks, which we all used. MrC is fearless… once, he and a friend took off on the lake…we couldn’t see them, …I was concerned, but there were two of them, and they both had life vests. But still. Sigh. I don’t care for kayack…I guess I just prefer canoe. Had to laugh, we needed to get kayaks across the lake, asked for volunteers, MyBetterHalf was like an excited kid “me! me!!” MrG was on rope swing and it broke, and landed on his back in the bushes, maybe a seven foot drop. MsS used the ukulele a lot. We went to Mt Constitution, and had a nice view. I think a deer visited our camp a couple nights. The stars were beautiful at 3AM.


24 July, 2020

MrC, his cousin and I played Fortnite, and got the win.

I watched Mariner’s Opening Game with MrG.

MsS and I watched an episode of the Gilmore Girls. Quote of the episode, “Someone made Deviled Eggs and smeared them on your car. They must really hate you.”


21 July, 2020

MsS picked “Bohemian Rhapsody” for us to watch.


19 July, 2020

(Last night, when he was supposed to be falling asleep, MrC told me, “we should go on more family walks.” )

So today we did. Another well wooded park, with a stream, very nice. MyBetterHalf & I got to watch them playing together along the stream.

A few minutes ago, MrC reminded me “don’t you have to make your recording?” for past 18 weeks, I’ve been posting a weekly music recording to TheFacebook on Sunday nights. Kinda inspired by Italians leaning out their windows and singing opera. Recently MrC has been my camera man.

Reign -v- Red Stars

18 July, 2020

Challenger Cup, another upset. Penalty kicks are pretty stressful. Good run Reign. Good luck Red Stars.

After to cheer myself up, watched Michelle Wolf with MyBetterHalf.

Today, we cleaned. Then we went for a walk in local wooded park.

back to school planning

16 July, 2020

This afternoon, the childrens and I watched a Zoom about possible plans for Autumn 2020 school.

Looks like there will be
a) Monday & Tuesday in class, Wed-Fri online
b) Thursday & Friday in class, Mon-Wed online
c) all online option
d) special needs in person – ESL, IEP, …

family movie nights

14 July, 2020

I may have mentioned (I dunno, I don’t read this blog!) that we take turns picking shows/movies to watch as a family. And, everyone has to sit there, without any other electonics to be with the family as we watch.

MrG has been picking Michael Jordan “The Last Dance”.

MsS recently picked “Aladin” staring Will Smith. It was mediocre. Except the singing, that was bad. (More respect for Hamilton now!) She had been picking the Pirates of Caribbean movies.

Tonight MyBetterHalf picked the one that started off the MCU. Iron Man. It was boring. I didn’t care about Tony Stark. (I didn’t care for him back when I was a kid either, reading comic books.) The fights were predictable… like we know Tony and Pepper Pots would live. You know what would’ve been nice, had they turned the Stark tinkering on his suit into a 80’s movie sport movie training montage, would’ve saved about 30 minutes.

sleep schedule

8 July, 2020

so…the usual now-a-days…

Usually MrG turns out his lights between 10-11pm, and usually is awake around 8am.

Usually MsS turns out her lights between 11-midnight, and has been sleeping in to 10am-noon

MrC…well, could stay up until 2AM, I bet. He’s also jealous that his cousin in Arkansas can play Fortnight longer than he can…

We say, it’s OK they stay up late, it gives MyBetterHalf a few hours of quiet so she can work from home.

The Hate U Give

10 June, 2020

Tonight we watched “The Hate U Give”


30 May, 2020

after yard work with each child, I went for a walk with each child. One on one time.

MsS and I talked about her painting rocks to leave at park. And if gone, we like to think a child found it, and took it home as a treasure, and was so happy. Or a mean kid threw it in the water, and now the fish can look at it and are so happy. She told me she will be a WEB leader in the fall. (Where Everyone Belongs) Basically student guides for the new kids. I told her I wish my school had it. I told her it will be most challenging year for WEB leaders with new sixth & seventh graders and COVID. She reminded me that half of her school building will also be completely new. Then we shared stories of her getting lost at school, or going to wrong room, and me getting confused when getting off the wrong floor of an elevator. …later, I was chatting with her, telling her she can use my guitar case as a canvas, and MyBetterHalf came in and said, what I thought was “so you don’t need your throat bag anymore”. What? (She said “throw up bag” …MsS was feeling sick the other night.) “Throat bag, is that a clarinet thing? I don’t know” and they laughed at me. 🙂

MrC and I talked about poisons snakes & spiders in Washington, earthquakes, and the differences between North and South Korea.

MrG was mostly quiet.