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Veterans Day – observed

12 November, 2018

today, to observe Veterans Day, I read the childrens the beautifully illustrated

And the Soldiers Sang

by J. Patrick Lewis & Gary Kelley.  Tells a story of the 1914 Christmas Truce along the Western Front. I almost cried when a German showed a picture to the protagonist and said “Meine Tochter”.

We also talked about trench foot, snipers, trenches, poison gas, rats getting fat off corpses and ears.

We also watched a couple of  videos from the Auckland War Memorial Museum.



Pride & Prejudice

10 November, 2018
Just saw a HS production of “Pride & Prejudice”…don’t really think it’s my cup of tea.
Though I did appreciate the HS version implying that Mr Bingley was a dog. (Jane asks “who wants to go for a walk?” & Bingly bounces around.)
And they did fortnite dances at the ball scene.

And the crowd found it funny that Mary was a 6’2″ dude who coughed all the time and frightened everyone when entering the scene.

We took the childrens, they appeared to have enjoyed it.


7 November, 2018

I had a few minutes to get home before class tonight, get some lunch. The childrens were on early release today (…because… whenever they have a “full” week of school, they have an early release Wednesday. Allegedly this helps teachers. Sure, I’m for it.)

And you will never believe what MrCuddles was doing.

Sorting laundry with MsSqueaky.

MrGrunty was cleaning the litter box.

Good job, childrens!!!

We played a quick round of charades before I went to class.

Class was alright.

MyBetterHalf made Phad Thai for dinner…which was alright warmed up, but I wish I had it fresh.

Halloween 2018

1 November, 2018

MsSqueaky was a zombie cheerleader

MrCuddles was a character from a video game (he was in cammo, and MyBetterHalf tells me three other boys in his class had the same costume).

MrGrunty didn’t want to dress up.

MyBetterHalf was a witch.

Me & MrGrunty stayed home and handed out candy…well, mostly he played Fortnite.

My costume was … I had four foam tubes (padding for shipping a chair) and stuck them on a head band, and wore a labcoat. I told folks I was…

  • character from a Fellini film
  • “15 second costume”
  • “I’ll do better next year”
  • mutant triceratops
  • scarecrow with a brain (I had a small “brain” eraser in my pocket)
  • ice covered football field with the foam as the pylons of the endzone

Other folks said:

  • MsS said “weirdest dad in the world”
  • My boss said “Santa Lucia”
  • My sister suggest a molar.  (I liked this best!)




27 October, 2018

MrCuddles woke us up, wanting to snuggle in our warm bed.

Then I went off to chat with our soccer club’s U7 coaches, and watch U7 kids play soccer (so cute!!), aboot what / how we want our club to go.  (Evidently U7 coaches are “hey, can we all get on the same page for the rules??”)

Met up with Moonbeam at Puget Sound Mycological Society Wild Mushroom Fest.

  • saw a pretty purple one
  • learned some mushrooms as dyes (only dye animal fibers) change color depending on the pH of the solution
  • saw the typical, near identical mushrooms displayed next to each other, one toxic, the other edible.
  • recently one species was discovered to actually be three different species
  • the “Lobster Mushroom” is actually a mushroom infected…changes the shape, color, and makes it taste yummier LOL!

We went over the TikiLodge for dinner. Chatted with friends, catching up.

I should study.

Selena Gomez for Song of the Now

23 October, 2018

…if I’m properly searching, Ms Selena Gomez (with or without the Scene) has not made the illustrious “GBAtT Song of the Now”. Which is weird, because the following are totally my cup of tea:

Well… naturally we want a drum roll and hit the lights (pro’lly off a drum machine, whatevs, the heart wants what it wants) the current “GBAtT Song of the now” is:

Back To You


MsS was amused I was blasting it on my phone when I came home.

MrC told me the loud music was freaking out Sophie-Kitty .

MrG ignored it.

MyBetterHalf couldn’t remember who sang it. Evidently Selena Gomez needs to be more famous.




basil seed drink

22 October, 2018

Saturday, MyBetterHalf and I went without childrens to grab dinner a new Mediterranean place before she went to see “Come From Away”.  (MsS and MrC were at their BFF…MrG was not wanting to leave home.)

While there, I grabbed a Basil Seed Drink.

MrG refused to try it. MrC thought it was OK. MsS liked the flavor. Me, the basil seeds too much like bubble tea, and I don’t care for a chunk drink.

Apples to Pencils

21 October, 2018

we invented a game…

  1. a judge leaves the room for 2 minutes
  2. distribute an “Apples-to-Apples” ™ card to everyone
  3. you draw what’s on your card
  4. judge returns, and has to guess what you drew, and who drew it

The best part tonight, I referenced a picture MrG made last night in my drawing, and he and I couldn’t stop giggling. I love his laugh.


sixth grade camp

19 October, 2018

MsS and MrG left Wednesday morning for sixth grade camp.

It was quiet at home.

MrCuddles enjoyed it. He played card games with us, he read with us, he smiled a lot.

Tonight…the sixth graders were very tired, and totally let all their emotions out, yelling at those of us who did not go to sixth grade camp.

These things are natural… sigh…

the skip game

12 October, 2018

when driving with the childrens, we play the skip game while listening to the radio.

Everyone has one skip, and can skip any song, but after they have used their skip, they have to wait until everyone else has used their skip.  (We automatically skip talking or commercials.)  The childrens are learning to only skip a really really bad song, because you might get stuck with Def Leppard, “bringin’ on the heartbreak” and your father is singing along to all the guitar parts. Loudly.